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"Dating In A State"

I’m hanging around on a dating

In a state

Keyboards covered in tobacco, crisps, sticky with beer

Telling someone I like to climb mountains,

I’m calm and sensitive I’m in  control and I’m solvent

But I’m typing.. words …I can’t ….see


And I’m starting to spill truths


“Divorced” “Kids”


“Oh “


I like betting, drinking, smoking ,doing most things to stop me...

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Internet dating

An Ode to Online Dating

I'm going to give this context by starting off reading my old match and pof profile. This is genuinely real. 


It's always hard to know what to say on these things so I'm just going to fill my profile with exaggeration and nonsense.

I would describe myself as a cross between Brad Pitts character in fight club and a sensitive fireman who likes kittens. Overall I'm pretty awesome. Kind, in...

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The Perils of Online Dating!

It's a fucking minefield
This being single lark 
I don't know what I'm doing 
Or how to make a start!
There's all this online dating 
Match, Elite or Tinder
And then there's Single Friend
But does it help or hinder?! 
I want to meet new people
I don't just want a fuck
Do I want a relationship
Should I just try my luck?
I'd like a real person
Not someone on a phone
That responds to co...

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The online dating game

Hey how's it going, guess it's the same,
Another set of pictures, of a girl with no name.
Just another essay, of who she claims to be,
but apparently saying hey, comes off too desperately.

Or maybe they want more, from a man who is shy,
maybe I should be the loud boastful guy,
brag about myself, and how I'm successful,
or maybe that screams needy, finding love is stressful.

I hear what...

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Only seen a photograph

Only seen a photograph

Will she be fat
Will she be thin.
Will she smell of Garlic
Are her toes crooked.
Are her teeth straight
Does she squint.
I want all of this
Perhaps not the Garlic.

She will be sweet
She will be loving.
Her nature pure
Adventurous, impulsive.
Exploring me
Taking, giving.
Touching feeling
Loving and sure.

Will he be fat
Will he be thin.
Just between th...

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Brittle Wings


This is the end of the Wings series, yes the Gods did play a cruel joke on both of us. We were incompatible.   The lady flew back to Sweden and I moped for a week or two.

Too Brittle

Wings for me
Feather so light.
Too brittle
For my rough way.
Yours from art
Mine from the mountain.
Flying bird
Flying high.

You escape from
A love.
Escape you have
Love will search for anoth...

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