Only seen a photograph

Only seen a photograph

Will she be fat
Will she be thin.
Will she smell of Garlic
Are her toes crooked.
Are her teeth straight
Does she squint.
I want all of this
Perhaps not the Garlic.

She will be sweet
She will be loving.
Her nature pure
Adventurous, impulsive.
Exploring me
Taking, giving.
Touching feeling
Loving and sure.

Will he be fat
Will he be thin.
Just between that
Most teeth still in.
I do like garlic
Only to eat.
I do not squint
But will look sideways at you.

He is gentle
Strong and loving.
Supportive and sure
Sometimes weak.
Only half without you
To be made whole.
Together we will be
Tre formidable.

We will love
Dance and sing.
Our hearts united
We will walk and talk.
Delighting in this new thing
Trysting in happiness.
My heart will burst
If you don’t come soon.

If my heart did burst
The colours of the rainbow.
Flashing with fire
Would light the night sky.
Dimming the stars
Paling the moon.
Colour of all the flowers
A garland for you.

Holding hands soon
Together, joined.
Sweet bliss our first kiss
All sense alert.
Probing, learning
Storing smell and feel.
Stroking skin and hair
Joining to love.

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