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The Shadows On The Wall

I fade into the darkness, like the shadows on the wall Nobody hears my cries, nobody notices when I call
Although I scream I am here! the words just won’t fall
I fade into the darkness, like the shadows on the wall.   When the night comes calling, then you might see me,
Just a mere reflection of the man I used to be
My life is now over, the end is yet to come,
I am the man in the sha...

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Anthony R M AndrewsBullyingHeartbreaklonelinessPainSuicide

Lick It

Girl you know how to lick it, when all is said and done,
as its juices slide into your mouth you lick your lips and say yum yum,
as you hold it tightly in your hand you desire it more and more,
as you taste its sweetness your excitement starts to soar.

Its coolness on your tongue, sends a shiver down your spine,
as I watch you eating it I start to wish that it was mine,
there’s something so exciting...

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Anthony R M AndrewsCunnilingusIce Cream

Freedom To Live

Fight not against each other, but for the rights of every man, woman and child
Respect that although we come from different walks of life, we are one
Embrace other cultures, allow peace and harmony among all walks of life
End this war on immigration, before it becomes to late and we have to look back on
Damage caused to the lives of others because we wouldn’t change our selfish ways
Open your hearts, a...

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Anthony R M AndrewsFreedomLifePhilosophy

Growing Old Disgracefully

When I grow old I don’t want to be the typical idea of elderly,
I want to grow old disgracefully and drive all my carers crazy,
I’ll swing from the chandeliers, I’ll overfill the bath,
Then blame it on my dementia whilst I stand there and laugh.   I want to climb the rafters and play hide and seek,
I never want my bones to grow old, frail and weak,
I want to make the children laugh and ...

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Anthony R M AndrewsComedyGrowing OldOld Age


Through the darkness of my life I walked a road which led me to you and I knew from the very first moment that you and I would be inseparable,.we exchanged glances across a crowded room, and in that instant I saw paradise, in your eyes I saw all the magic in the world, and I fell hopelessly in love.

I sat perplexed for a moment, pondering on whether I could find the courage deep within to approach ...

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Anthony R M AndrewsLoveTrue Love

Depression Is A Killer

Do you ever feel like you could just scream for eternity
Every thought you cast upon yourself contains pure negativity
People wonder how you can feel so low, but they don't know,
Reality to you is completely different to that in which they live
Every night you go to bed, you wish that it would be the last
So many sleepless nights you're plagued by insomnia,
Suicidal tendencies play upon your mind regula...

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Anthony R M AndrewsDepressionEmotion

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