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Depression Is A Killer

Do you ever feel like you could just scream for eternity
Every thought you cast upon yourself contains pure negativity
People wonder how you can feel so low, but they don't know,
Reality to you is completely different to that in which they live
Every night you go to bed, you wish that it would be the last
So many sleepless nights you're plagued by insomnia,
Suicidal tendencies play upon your mind regularly,
In your head you are completely isolated, alone in the world
Occasionally you lower that wall, only to be hurt once again
Nobody ever realises just how low you really are.

I've been there, I've got the scars, both physical and mental
Scars that can never fade, but become an uncontrollable part of life

Angels do exist, but when it comes to you, they don't seem to care.

Kicking yourself for a reason that you are yet to fathom out,
In your eyes, everybody around you leads a better life than your own,
Love doesn't exist for you, you feel isolated in a world that doesn't care,
Life seems to have given up on you, your dreams warped beyond control
Endless self torture, self hatred and abuse seems to be an everyday thing
Rest assured, you are not alone and you never will be.

Anthony R M Andrews. 2014


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Candice Reineke

Tue 19th Aug 2014 18:40

Thank you for writing this. I certainly have been there too. Many poetic/creative types have the "melancholic" temperament (if you haven't studied the four personality temperaments, google's quite fascinating)...but the melancholic personality type has a propensity to feel things so deeply - emotional highs and lows that the other types don't necessarily feel. Of course there are a number of different factors that can lead to depression, and I recognize that it is a very debilitating disease for many. But it was a relief for me to discover that part of my tendency towards those mental/emotional lows was simply how I am wired.

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