So Help Him, God

There it is -
he's in

And, at 5pm, I took a celebratory drink.

I had aimed to be taking the first sip, immediately following the words
"So help me, God"
But in my haste not to soak in too much alcohol, news and drama
I set my alarm for 4.45pm (GMT)

I joined the live stream just before his speech
And was not disappointed

- what fine words and sentiments
Passionate, well crafted 

He's a guy who knew what he was getting in to
but who has been thrown into a well 
far deeper, colder and more troubled than he might have expected

Seems he has a sense of what is right
what is doable
what should be
and a bold-backed reservoir of optimism

He knows what service is
and he's tasted pain and victory

I hope all this serves him well

The world spins on
with four years of scars and loss
Anger and dispair thriving
with the truth cowering in every safe nook and safe harbour it could find

Today, the earth seems firmer
as though it might start even start spinning the right way

I can't be sure.

And it will take more than one man to do it;
a strong team
with the united will of nation behind them

This evening. I will rewind the live streams
to back to the spot I had hoped to join in at
and take that sip of wine as he takes his oath and means it

From over 3000 miles away, I can do little

But, I shall wish him well with the words
"So help him, God"

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