I’ll admit
I always liked the idea

of clever beings zooming around
in sleek swift spaceships
Somehow flying too slow to escape being spotted
but too quick to be discounted as alien

Even if they were really Earthlings
in classified military craft;
I can make space in my head to admire that

Worrying though that is
It’s kind of cool in its own way

But the latest breed of UFOs I hear about;
The two-legged types
landing uninvited 
Fed, clothed and armed
but conveniently missing the name tags and number plates

Somehow give me the same sense of underlying worry
But none of the excitement

No, I’ve decided, that’s not cool at all.


(the other type being Unidentified Federal Officers)

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Paul Sayer

Wed 29th Jul 2020 22:23

Next 'they' will be telling us MIB aren't real and you, YOU David are one of those conspiracy fruit cakes.

Can I please have a slice mate?

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