Correction Required

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Flower power and doobies
Was a happy goal for me
I’d even dared to dream of flares
And hugging the odd tree

I’d earned my points last time round
And willed a fresh vocation
But that didn’t go to plan, alas
I got a mixed-up-incarnation 

I’m not quite sure what happened
Whether he ignored me or misheard
But when I get to see his boss
I’m going to have a word...

I mean, who was supervising?
Where was Quality Control?
Was he distracted by a sandwich
Or a lunchtime sausage roll?!

Was he rushing out the office
To catch the last bus home?
Was he multitasking his man-brain
Distracted on the phone?

Was he hungover on that morning?
Did he miss his morning joe?
Did someone poke him in the eye?
Was his spellcheck on go-slow?

Perhaps he is dyslexic 
Or just a lazy errant fool
Perhaps they never taught him
In all his time at school

That EVERY letter is important
From A right through to Zed
Did he forget the I and E?
Did they jump out of his head?

One day I’ll get my answer
And it better had be good
But for now I have a life to live
Of water, fun, and mud

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Paul Sayer

Fri 5th Jun 2020 10:42

Great rhyme... a poem to 'Wallow in'

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