Leader of the Tribe


He's the leader of the tribe
An elder, wise and true
Blessed, perhaps, with fortune
To live so long 
But he knows right from wrong
And does his best for me and you
He's the leader of the tribe,
A hero, brave and bold
Blessed with learned insight
The enemy saw
Brought us through war
With deeds and words of gold 
He's the smarmy ba...

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Press Pause - an environmental poem


Brave was our fight, just to survive
To hunt, to gather, then farm.
Our numbers so small, survival so special,
Don't press pause now, or you'll cause us harm.
Our tribal ancestors rose and spread 
Touching and burning each day
Through land and resources, learning some balance,
Can we press pause now? - No way!
Centuries pass, and we learn to mas...

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5 Miles To Home

5 Miles to Home (written for the Milestone Society)

When I'm out walking and hiking free
A milestone is often a friend to me
They're solid reminders of where you are
And t’ next point of interest, they tell you how far

But I’ve noticed something when around I do roam -
That I've never seen one that says "5 miles to Home"
I've seen "5 miles to Bradford" and "Leeds - 5 mile"

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Very Berry (or Some Ribes in Rhyme)

There's Blackberry, Blueberry, 
Northern, Bog and simple Bilberry
Lowbush, Highbush and Mountain Cranberry,
Chokeberry, Dewberry, Elderberry, Guavaberry

Bearberry, Cowberry, Crowberry, Foxberry, Gooseberry and Mooseberry

Huckleberry, Jostaberry, Lingonberry, Loganberry, Myrtle Blueberry, Pineberry, Black Raspberry, 
Red Whortleberry, Squashberry, Tayberry, Whinberry and Wimber...

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The Word Gremlin

You're in the middle of the piece
You're really on a roll
You've mastered every syllable
And built it to a whole

Every intonation,
Every stress is well rehearsed
You know it inside out and back-to-front
Each chorus and each verse

You even know it side-ways
You've swum through every part
Can add to it your character
Your voice, your mind, your heart

Any lazy alli...

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I Wish I'd Had Candy Floss

Written in memory of those sunny summer and indecisive days of childhood at Batley and Dewsbury Parks.


At the side of the van with a window

In the park

I've a decision to make
Should I get an ice rocket,
or a cider lolly,
a fab, a funny feet,
or a 99 with a flake?
Candy floss!
The thought flashes and dies
Before I can grasp it

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