Beating Banality

Banality beckons because
beaten, battered by boredom
bright brains become blind;
bludgeoned by bearded beliefs

But before being broken by bad behaviour
Bitten, burnt, belittled, bereft
Be bold, be brave -
Believe better battles breathe beyond

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Grand Old Lady

She sits in a corner these days, quite alone.  Unyielding and ever patient.  

She’s learning to enjoy the freedom, to appreciate the respite.  And waits, knowing soon enough she’ll be useful once more.

Time helps to bring perspective to the memories of bitter tears, cross words and angry fists.  It heals the wounds, nursing them into honourable scars.

She misses the caress of rhythmic rol...

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The Interview

The soldier smartly sat to attention 
in his council interview 
He’d come for a job in their office
and he knew what he had to do

He’d been briefed on all the questions
Knew the boxes he needed to tick
Answered most of them with a flourish 
though daft ones got on his wick

They seemed pleased with his military service 
Saw he could follow orders ok
That planning ahead was his forte

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Halloween Support

Well, the season is upon us
It’s come round too fast again
And while the lucky ones are ready;
we others feel the strain

All that planning, all that scheming
but we’re left sad and distraught
So we come in - howling, screaming
Needing Halloween Support

And we try to help each other out
Give useful hints and tips
Some even post on Twitter
links to favourite YouTube clips

Some, ala...

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On Learning

Trickling on down yonder stream
Onwards, flowing to the river
Bearing, with a heart serene
Willing, able to deliver

Never stagnant, never staid
Always rippling, ever rolling
Til tides are formed and oceans made
Til land is safe enough for strolling 

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I have friends who sing your praises -
smell your scent, breathe you in
give you their lips and sink into your glory
with passionate dedication 

I have friends who swim deep;
savouring everything you have to give
enthralled by your heritage
charmed by your every nuanced caress

I have friends who know you well
and speak of you with such high regard
that I long to share the adventure y...

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Mine, I think, are made in earnest
spun by some spider in my head
Sometimes he's kind and weaves with silver
Too often though, he spins out lead

Dreams are weightless, so they say
but they carry a promise all night through 
Those delicate whispers from the day
might spiral to glisten in fresh dew

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There once was a poet named Debra
Whose name only rhymed with 'a zebra'
'Til a South African breeze
Changed her 'As' to strange 'Es'
And now she's got "ebracedebra"

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Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack was not smartest lad - can we agree that must be said?
In fact, when I first heard this tale, it hurt my sorry head
to think he might have kept his pride, won praise and earned street cred
if his mother had sold the cow herself and just let him stay in bed

But then, nothing in the story is as simple as it seems
take that rhyming bloody giant with his strange bread-making schemes
If yo...

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I'm not sure why he bought me
It could be a cruel joke
He's supposed to be a poet
but he's just a lazy bloke

He doesn't do much writing
he'd rather type it on a screen
He thinks it's super-modern
but I reckon it's plain mean

I only have one purpose; 
I am, therefore I ink
I'm going to leak out in his pocket
- that'll make the bugger think!

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To have a fairy godmother must be rather cool
Especially if your stepsisters are nasty, brash and cruel
But I think Cinderella's fairy must have been a fool, 'cos
"Make sure you leave by midnight" is a silly sort of rule

Well I'm not one who cares to judge, cast aspersions or disparage 
But while I'm on the subject - let's talk about that carriage
Again there's proof that her god-fairy was...

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A Northern Greeting

There are some things I can't tolerate first thing on a morn
I don't mind a cockerel crowing to greet a fresh new dawn
But today I had roll my eyes and felt sad and forlorn 
'cos I woke to find three UFOs had landed on my lawn

Now, normally, I'd be the type to calmly count to three
take a deep breath, put on a smile, then the kettle to make tea
But all I could think this morning was 'blood...

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From Afar

Saturn's rings shine in splendor 
beacons of beauty in endless space
and glimpsed beyond, amongst the darkness
a small blue orb glows with grace

She's dancing there in sheer perfection
elegant, charming, and oh so small
No blemishes in her complexion
A simple magic azure ball

From afar we see no features 
From afar we see no scars
No hurt, no pain, no peaks, no valleys
Just a hint o...

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A Seaside Scene

Deck chairs freely run around
Allowed, at last, to play outside
A rare event... a sunny day
So they are not to be denied 

Too often trapped and left forgot
Inside a smelly wooden hut
Cramped together, stacked up high
They grumble, moan and sigh and tut

Now and then, they get a glimpse
Of sunshine in a cloudy sky
And murmur a woeful "good luck"
When a ball plays out whilst it's still...

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Royal Regards








A greeting full of majesty
Graceful.  Replete with charm
Each share a gentle smile
and think “it’s nice to meet you ma’am”

Both have wrinkles they can talk about
and twinkles in their eyes
Layered years of past experience
mean both are worldly wise

So stately and so noble
the pair enjoy their little chat
But while both deserve to wear a crown
only ...

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Dictionary (acrostic)

Dr Johnson's work of art
Inspired some to look up 'fart'
Caused others though to search with ease
Thoughtful terms like 'whiffy breeze'
In those great enlightened days
One could get folk to mend their ways
Now alas, it's plain to see 
All too many are stuck, like me
Rambling through a short word stock
Yet still his book thwarts writers block

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A Fair Exchange

"Wine is sunlight held together by water" - Galileo Galilei

That cold May week in England
with its soggy clouds and sullen skies
seemed to offer little cheer
as the sun meekly went early to bed

But on Italian slopes, she was doing a far better job;
shining with vigour and love
caressing the grapes, forcing a smile
pressing them into action

Yorkshire’s becks and streams did their p...

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Terrific Twins

Bursting with charisma
These two Kings of Rock n’ Roll
sure knew how to pull the heartstrings
and bring music to the soul

They rocked through every jailhouse
Left every hound dog all shook up
With gyrating hips and tempting lips
and eyes of cheeky pups

They synchronised their every move
added blends of looks and charm
The screams and faints awaiting them
caused authorities alarm


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Elvis Presley


A noisy conversation from low branches can be heard -
a flood of caws, of clicks, of coos
in cacophony absurd

I can’t fathom the commotion - the precise which, or where or why
but I know for sure that they are there;
cries pierce the midnight sky

With a sense of beaky banter and some thumping of brash wings
As they huddle close together
do they plot to murder kings?

Are they conspir...

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Mona Lisa

Don’t ask me what I’m thinking
just appreciate my smile
I was sitting there and drinking
as his painting took a while


Sitting there for hours on end
while da Vinci made fine art
gave me the numbest buttocks
and I could barely move to fart


That accounts for the enigmatic
wry expression on my face
You’d have a similar ambiguous look
if asked to pose demure and chaste

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Top of the Tree

There’s a charming woodland creature
reputed to be wise
With a knack for spotting problems
with their eager, clever eyes


Keen and daring to be different
Turning heads through all degrees
They love imparting knowledge
showing off their expertise


And in amongst their hunting
firmly grasped by bill and claw
they hold a sense of duty
and so, lay down the law


It’s a noi...

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My Thoughts Are Stars

"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations." - John Green

They all glow with varied fury
with raging heat, emitting light
Each a small piece of a story
or a character in the night

Some will capture brief attention
as they streak across my sky
Dipping in and out of focus
fleeting past my mind’s dull eye

A few twinkle in sheer beauty
in buoyant reds and...

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