The View

I'm sitting here
Admiring the view
Thankful for it's beauty
It's comfort
It's familiarity.
I've been here before
So I can close my eyes
and picture it still
And I know it all.
Deep breath in
Contented smile
Snapshot made
The scene is owned
Then the eyes open
As realisation strikes
- I own nothing
- I know nothing
I don't know
how each hill was f...

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Sod Santa!

'He's chubby and wise
And how his eyes glisten'
But…  Sod Santa, I say
Not that anyone listens
His damn sleigh is a nuisance
With high whistles and bells,
The lights and the fog horn
And wet reindeer smells
The noise, the commotion
The hurry, the fuss
The shouting and cursing
As he flies dawn to dusk
And I don't need the sound
of the hooves on my roof
Nor the turds t...

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Kite Flying

Take the freedom of fields
And the spirit of youth
Share it - let go of your cares
Fly your kite with a passion
and ignore the dull fashion
to stay indoors – Get some fresh air
Take hold of the reins
Make freedom your aim
Gape in awe as it sails in the breeze
Allow a smile to your face
And give daydreams some space
Just watch out for lightning and trees

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A Whisky Adventure

From Cedar Ridge to Hunter's Glen Down Rowan's Creek, round Pinckney Bend Past Noah's Mill, along to Glenfiddich; Many have been on that Copper Run   Since Early Times, seeing Eagle Rare Watching the Old Crow and the Fighting Cock Giving a wise nod to the White Owl and the Wild Turkey Receiv...

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Brahms & Liszt

Happy.  Genial.  Merry.  Jolly
Blottoed, blasted, etched and blitzed
Mellow, foggy, hazy, squiffy
Tipsy.  Tiddly.  Brahms and Liszt
Dazed, zombied, tanked-up, trollied
Ganted, gubbed, guttered
Bladdered, blathered, leathered, plastered,
Sozzled, sloshed, scuttered
Hammered, battered, caned, mangled
Spannered, mullered.  Half-cut, lashed
Twisted, warped, slammed, wasted
Wrecked, ru...

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drinkinglist poem

Missing Words

I'm not good with noise
I'm deaf - I struggle

I hear most vowels,
But not all consonants,
And the odd schwa
Will easily confuse,
So my brain is made
To fill those gaps
With ever decreasing success.

Background noise is often lost;
But is sometimes over-found and yells.
Leaving some conversations adrift,
Dropping the spoken word forever into an abyss,
Driving me wild with distractio...

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Oceans.  Epochs.
Nationhood.  Providence.
Ethnicity.  Culture.
All divide.

Land.  Class.
Creed.  Religion.
Status.  Politics.
All split.

Resources.  Sexuality.
Testosterone. Oestrogen.
X, Y.  And Z.
All separate.

If we see the gaps between us
As they truly are;
As significant;
As bonds that actually bind,
Maybe we would not be so blind.

It's easy to blame,
Far easier to i...

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The Master

If there's a job not to be done in a hurry
If a task is best done slower than faster
If time is not of the essence
Then give it to me - for I am “The Master”

Yes, I am the Master of the Art o' Procrastination


If there's a cause to be lost
Or a distraction to be found
If you need a head in Cloud Cuckoo Land
Or ostriched in the ground, then

I am the Master of the Art of Procrasti...

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