Would You Not Prefer a Chair Mrs Atwood?


Would you not prefer a chair Mrs Atwood?
I'm sure we have one going spare
You see that pink sofa that you brought with you 
Just won't quite fit up our stairs
Would you not prefer a chair Mrs Atwood?
I see you like it on the floor
But the ground, whilst sound for bums big and round
Could make your skinny bottom just sore
Would you not prefer a c...

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A Hug From My Brother


It's a magical connection
It's a greeting, a sweet hello
It's an acknowlegement of friendship
Which says "we’re good, you know"
It's a heartfelt appreciation
Of all that's great in life
And speaks an unspoken commitment
That we help each other in strife
It starts and ends our evenings together
It marks the passing time
Of course, it says...

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Most of us find life difficult to avoid, in a way that I find quite curious Choosing the right path to follow at speed, makes some us quite furious The answers aren't easy, but O-U-S might just be a key It ain't the answer to life and everything - say “that's 42!” - I might agree    ...

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Two Suns


We're orbiting our star, the sun, at quite a decent speed We've been doing that for billions of years, scientists are agreed  But apparently, many stars we know, have got a twin - they're binary So if our Earth had two suns, not one - how great would that be?!   Imagine how m...

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