I'm not sure what your aim was
or if you meant just what you said
But you've sent my eyes a-squinting
left and right inside my head

You've got me fairly flummoxed
and you've furrowed my flustered brow
I'm slightly bewildered and baffled
like a flabbergasted striped cow

You've sent me on the back foot
at a loss, unstuck and unglued
At sixes and sevens and out to lunch
puzzled, unzipped and unscrewed

Somewhat stumped with a smidge of confusion
In a miniature tizz now, you see
I'm muddled and addled, befuddled
But I'm going to blame you, and not me

I'll soon get back on my kilter
and get myself post-chat de-vexed
But for now I'll stay semi-confuddled
discombulated, perplexed

But with a hint of denial / refusal
I'll straighten my eyes and take aim
Though bemused, dazed, confused and bamboozled
Away from you, I'll get back on my game

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