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Time Travellers - 1775

Tread gently beneath the fragile fanlight

With its curving carved ribs

framing rippling glass


Glance up to the Venetian arch with its Canaletto morning sky

And the uncoiled mahogany staircase

Treads echoing to the creak and clatter of murmurous ghosts


Peel the plaster skin from the wall

Withies within, woven by dead fingers

Stiff reeds droop with the stilled pro...

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Funny how time goes by

It goes fast and slow at once

But it never stops

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Sand Slips

From top

To bottom

Of the glass

At work

You beg

For it 

To pass

In love

You plead

For it 

To last

Lost control

It still

Goes too



As slime

That's time

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time passes


The Alarm was ringing

It was time to wake up

Had to face it

I was truely stuck

But I wasn't even still in my bed

The trouble was

I'd been caught in my head

The life I was living

Was like a hazy dream

And I kept on wondering

What did it mean?

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time passes

Hall of Memories


Hall of Memories

Have you ever noticed how fast the years pass?

Like a speeding car zooming thru the countryside,

catching fleeting glimpses of objects becoming something.




Such is the impression when I get a job in the bakery,

twelve years after I quit.

My eyes open, who's still there; looking for a friendly familiar face.

Ah! There's Kare...

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Once we had it all, I had a nice raven-haired girl, took her three kids

on all happy families. Guess I did love you, were we really soulmates?

Yet you were never a goth, never understood that side of me. My England

let me down, our goth bands died and pop took over, Atomic Kitten, no way!

We split, I went Norway, gothic metal heartland, black m...

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