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Once we had it all, I had a nice raven-haired girl, took her three kids

on all happy families. Guess I did love you, were we really soulmates?

Yet you were never a goth, never understood that side of me. My England

let me down, our goth bands died and pop took over, Atomic Kitten, no way!

We split, I went Norway, gothic metal heartland, black metal labyrinth.

Still love the music now as then, me, you and my mates all moved on to new experiences.

Saw you in the goth club, past became now and you understand how much music means to me. You all my old mates in the present, collapsing my mind in a swirl

of images as my eyes take you all in – Andrea the goth, as nice as ever, Debbie my ex, as lovely as ever, Iain her man, Paul V my old mate.

Do as I do, party like hell. Yet who is this tattooed longhaired heavy rocker

who wont shake my hand, due to my black nail varnish?

What does he think, will it kick off? I am ready…

Debbie says it how it is, rocker shakes on it, crazy moment over. I don’t want to fight

tonight, I want to dance, let the music take me, save me. And it does – ‘April Skies’ is so sublime, now I am home.

People whisper and point at me, he is the weird one. Yes, you don’t want him seeing

your daughter, oh no. Yet I don’t care – music is my life, my summer’s blue sky. Take me to a gig Scandinavian style – Tristania, Norwegian forests, Nightwish, Finnish snow. All I need is a girl to share it all. Farewell my old friends, my music wont let me down.


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