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Life ‘n’ God ‘n’ Death ‘n’ Stuff

Where on earth (or space) did we come from?

What intrepid seed made us be?

I like the idea of God

But, my mind's eye won't let me see


They say we're all made of stardust 

So, perhaps, there lies a clue

Just molecules & atoms congealed 

From the old primordial stew 


Were we once nebulae or quasars?

Drifting upon solar winds

Dancing to songs of the universe 


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For Whom

With the consistency of smoke
eventually, our ghostly hands
must let go of this life
We may be thinning and fading
or still strong but cut down
However it’s done
the knot must inevitably untie

The light travelled so far
to dance upon our faces
We're alive, as nature is alive
to be strange or just to be
All that energy must return
into the freezing depths of space

Every smile, ever...

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It dawned on me

as the sun rose

and the blood red flowers

reflected my life and my dread

a hemorrhaging of vivacity

animated in the comic book

that is life and death

A seriously humourous tome

in which I am bound

until the conclusion

of the final chapter

when all has been fulfilled.

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Did we meet, now we have

Perhaps around my 10 I sensed your spark

With you toddling and sparking along your days

As I passed by, you learning to prance, pushing boundaries to play

Easing my mind as I drove on by 

Between mum and dad to my nearby dunes

No metal men then, to spoil its grace

Just a place of happiness, joy a perfect space

My 20 perhaps a glance as we charged around town

You with your s...

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Grandfather & I

I am Misti--, didn't get it?
Misti(sweetness) is my name,
My grandmother gave me that
Honor, I'm too grateful.
I'm going to 8 months
This November soon,
My limbs are
Not properly working now,
As a little bird fears to fly
Into the sky, below the mountain,
I am quite like that: I can't
Hold my legs sticked to ground.
My voice is like the groaning
Of the cloud you can hear but
Not to d...

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The Want for Nothing

The want for nothing

Thursday, 09 November 2023


I want for nothing of this world


The grandeur and riches are unappealing.

The delicacy and deliciousness are unappetising.


Wealth turns to ashes in your mouth as you fathom,

The complete idiocy of the system that has become unfathomable.


I want for nothing of THIS world


Nature has turned against us


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lifesocietyinner thoughtsrealisationFirst Blog




I suppose it’s funny, the things that life throws at me, how it all goes to fuck by the slightest mistake! Am I destined to fail at everything I do, with defeat waiting in the wings to bring my eagle down? How does one know when a good day crashes down? I know many things but there’s always more just waiting to be shown. I have some scary weird dreams I don’t understan...

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It’s a fine line between victory and defeat. In the heat of battle do you know which is which? Think of the difference between genius and insanity, when does a brilliant mind fall over the edge? If someone spreads rumours between you and your girl, who do you believe? This is the game of life, when a wrong becomes a right and vice versa. We all go from one extreme to the other, at so...

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Almost There (Where?)

Is it the light 

At the end

Of the road

That I perceive

Or is it simply

Heaven's ethereal glow

That shines upon me?

An end it is,

No matter what form,

A means to end,

So I go on.

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If only I could go back in time

To rectify all my mistakes.

All that I shouldn’t have said,

Yet still felt the need to say.

Why did I even feel that need?

I, too, was just a child, right?


Be the example,

Show them they are wrong.

Show them we are no beasts.

Show them we can be equal.

Act mature,

Be mature.

Show them they are wrong.

So many rules and rest...

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Anger's Embrace

Anger curls its tendrils around me,

it envelopes me whole,

strokes me tenderly.

It forms an impenetrable wall,

a shield of sorts,

to keeps me safe and sound.

It takes all those blows

and hits for me,

protects me from my foes.


Rage filled screams,

cover the sound of falling tears.

Sadness sits beside me,

gently wipes my sea.

Anger extinguishes my fear,


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Raw eggs

I tried beautiful,

I tried pristine,

I was no good at it

I’m not neat within

I’m not “clean”

Even externally, I cannot master

Clearing every bit of clutter

I’m raw, like an egg

It’s not pretty to have a cracked head

But if I don’t

I’m practically dead

As inanimate and detached as my wooden bed

To be raw is




But it’s rich with fee...

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raw eggsmesscleansoulconnectintrinsicworldfreefreedomuniverseviewperspectiveexistentialgroundedcentredconsciousnessrawlifelivecontrolledwildsensory overloadpainfulemotionembracerealtruth

Being Perfect!!!

You don't need to be Perfect,

You don't need to be the Best,

Just a Better version of Yourself,

Every Single Day...

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Love of My Lives

Sweet sting of truth… I only heard it because it came from you.

Better person


Laughter, when I was born of tears… oh, what a rebirth!


Of course you don’t get all the credit for my understanding of love; I spent many years as an autodidact cardiologist.


But it would be a capricious falsehood to say that I would be anything close to Me

without You.


You have call...

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Guilt Rebuked

Guilt Rebuked!

You liar!

A wretched bully’s sidekick

                    claiming nothing of your own.

You don’t even know when to agree

                                                 – just agree with everything, always.


And your answer is always the same.



Whisper your poison and 

                         look away as if…

But I know it’s you;


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I've come a long way

Peaceful mornings turned into mourning nights 


Yes, I've come a long way


Heartfelt smiles hindered behind the heartbroken tears 


Yes, I've come a long way


Endless thoughts occupied in lieu of endless talks


Yes, I've come a long way


Dreams of life suppressed by the mares of struggles 


Yes, I've come a long way


Shrieks of tickled pink c...

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lifegrowing older


Darkness is not always indicative of sadness, maybe you just forgot your flashlight.

Sunny days and clear skies do not reserve your spot on cloud nine, maybe you just felt inspired.

Feelings and reactions are never set in stone, they’re dynamic and free.

Nature’s four seasons are the human’s equivalent to both emotions and expressions - constantly changing.

We as humans have the privil...

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Life is a true gift

Life is a true gift.

To be lucky enough and blessed with the sight of beautiful birds chirping.

To be given the chance to witness nature’s blanket; the rain.

To breathe the breath of God and His limitless love as each day passes.

To have a voice that projects the beauty we have within.

To reach for the sky and float on a cloud just by closing your eyes for one single second.

The ...

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There I was,

Standing in the storm,

Walking through the dark world,


All alone. 

Light was dim,

Lamps burnt cold,

Silence all heard,

But my heart's wild roar.


Then there You came,

A gust in the storm,

With Your competitive smile,

And encouraging eyes,

"You done, already?", 

You said, with that smile.

"What more can I do?"

"Race till the t...

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left alonedark nights aloneLifeRealcaptivealonelonelypoetrylitcreativewritingfreedomstorm


I do not think

There is such 

a thing as

A place,

A person,

A scent,

A sound

A touch,

A taste,

that I could link 

To what the faceless 

masses call home.


I do not think,

There is a version of me that exists,

Where home is something I have,

And not something I miss.


The past,

The present,

The future,

All in which 

I do not fit.


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It's Your Life

You must have heard this from the influencers, Ted speakers, and many other motivational speakers that it’s your life; make it or break it, it's all in your hands. Well, that’s exactly true, but what I’m gonna tell you about this is something that many of us face and yet still believe that it’s gonna happen one day.

First of all, to make it to your dreams is not for all of us. Imagine that nobo...

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There were fireworks tonight

There were fireworks tonight
And each time there was a spark
It reminded me of your heartbeat
You're still lighting up my life everyday 

Every breath I take is harder than the previous
My life is so incomplete without you
It feels like I'm breathing underwater
Where oxygen is scarce until you come back up

I would do anything to have you here with me
Life seems to be getting harder as ...

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Nature's Wedding

Let the melodious song

of the numerous creatures

that reside here with us along,

in the lands and the skies

guide our light feet.


Step forward,

and bathe in the light of the sun.

As she blesses our love

and ignites our skins and soul.

In this bittersweet moment, 

tinged sour by all that could have been,

should have been ours,

let us surrender our hearts


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Trapped in this 
claustrophobic body
as it ages
plummeting towards inevitability
all youthful thoughts 
of immortality thrown aside
by reality
where did life go
when did life go
a speeding train that makes me move more slowly 
the longer the journey takes
sometimes at a snail’s pace
towards a final stop where I get off 
and out 
and gone

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sad poemsdeathlifegetting oldtrappedclaustrophobiametaphor

: Living :

Some fragments of time.

Some moments sublime.


          Some lingering thoughts.

          Some yeses and noughts.


Some presence so dear.

Some laughter to share.


           Some instants of grief.

           Some feelings too deep.


Some tasks to be done,

Till there are none.


Suvendra C Dasgupta

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On Beauty

My love of Beauty, nurtured through the years,     

Of form and fair proportion’s served me well.    

Yet often I ask: where does my true love dwell?   

Within my soul; this heart; these eyes; or ears? 

Does she conduct the music of the spheres? 

Or, sit in silence sweet on Lakeland fell? 

Are roses’ heavenly scent bound by her spell?    

Her spirit surely lives in all...

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All this world,

Is one big stage,

And we star as mere actors,

In its brilliant plays.

Every face, a pretty smile,

But Is it truly what meets the eye?


"We my dear, are best of friends,

 Joy, or despair, 

 I'll be near.

 Cotton clouds,

 Or coarse sand,

 Side by side,

 Hand in hand.

 One day, at last,

 Harsh winds?

 They'll have to pass." 



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A Living Corpse

At age three 

I dreamed.

Of lands full of sweets.

Of an endless coloured street,

stretched as far as I could see.

I dreamed of my toys,

that entertained me with their noise.

I dreamed of everything and more.

I dreamed.


At age ten,

I heard.

About wondrous lands that decorated the earth.

Of all the plants and birds,

our Mother gave birth to.

I heard abo...

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The Wind & The Rain

His desolate thoughts

Were taken by the wind

A husk, sat fiddling with thread

Picked from halcyon times

He looked out to the sea

It was raging

He wished himself that rage

But, instead, calmly sat fiddling with…

The thread had gone

He took a sip of tea turned cold

And itched

Always the same itch 

The wind was gathering a storm

His old jacket eagerly billowing


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Erecting her easel
at the foot of the boardwalk
she mixes the paint
a hell-fire pink and crimson
and dips her brush to begin…

She paints
the end of all things
a voice lost to the fractured mind
the final moments of a life
a hand slipping away

She paints
farewell hospital conversations
her father’s beard as a cloud
she thins the blue paint with her tears
She colours in his eyes

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Young mum with a stroller 

A double rum and cola 

Take away that edginess 

Nervous twitching 


I know her

There's the hooded lady

Smoking looking hazy 

Magic yeah she's crazy 


wise woman

Don't go there 

Off she goes now spending 

Glamour life pretending 

Don't decline still pending 

This hoarding never ending


The build up to the ...

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The Devil's Face (Resembles Me?)

The devil has always been,

A faceless entity

To me.

Until now at least.


Now it has become clear.

I can see.

The devil

In front of me.


They are no singular person.

Instead a pair.

Familiar sight.

Lungs devoid of air.


The devils gaze at me.

Recognizable set eyes.

No surprise.

Why is this reality?


First sight of a child.


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tragedypoemRegretmental healthpoetrylifepain

Bitter Beer

I used to utter your name delicately 

like it was poetry.

Just as how perfume lingers on a person,

The sweet smell of cherry blossoms 

accompanied your name 

whenever it walked out my mouth.

But now all it leaves,

Is a taste so foul.


Your love was like alcohol to me,

It left me feeling euphoric at first,

But after the effect had worn out,

All I was left with w...

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My Last Act

I pick up the shards of glass 

that are scattered on the ground.

I marvel at them in wonderment,

how beautiful it once was.

Still, it'll serve a good cause.

Such a pity, 

won't you applaud?

This is the end of the show,

Don't you hear the crows?

Toss your roses

Or will you wait till my eyes are closed?

Pour the alcohol,

Let the bubbles float to the surface.


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Bigger than you

You should know better

Than to think you’re alone in this universe

You’ve seen breath come from nothing 

Animals evolve 

More complex than fathomable

Human species shapeshift and roam

With inventions inexplicable 

Grass, water, and life itself

Come to be 

And people like you 

Who all think different

And think they’re the only ones

Don’t assume you’re not connect...

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CorelistenguidebeliefUnitedkismetwiseknowingSpiritsoulfaithconnectedlifeworlduniverseintrospectionthinkingmysteryalivealiensplanbiggerselfdiscoveryopen mindbig picture

A slit on a rock



A burg in a vale, 

Amassed stones and rocks as bulwark,

Assembled stones and rocks as a stack,

Stones and rocks stopping the waters from losing the track. 

Waters thrusting behind the concrete rock,

Forcing the stones and rocks to slack. 


A slit on a rock transpired,showing a way to break,

Waters dripping through the rock with a crack,

Droplets leaked out of ...

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Sweet Sorrow

I will hurt you,

Just as you will hurt me.

Isn't that beautiful?

To hurt

And be hurt.

To love

And be loved.

Isn't loving someone,

Sentencing yourself to pain?

Then, why pray,

Do all still love?

To hurt and be hurt,

Is to love and be loved.

I long for you to hurt me,

So I don't doubt my love for you.

I long for me to hurt you,

So I don't doubt your lo...

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Empty Chairs

Just a second is all it would take for you to leave this table.

It never gets better, seeing the amount of empty chairs grow.

Still, I remain seated at the table, glued to my chair.

Unable to do anything but watch with pain in my heart, 

as yet another one leaves me alone here.

But what can I do?

Even an iceberg desperately yearns for warmth,

climbing to the sun, knowing it wi...

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how I've been living life lately

spend too many hours gazing out the window thinking about what was what wasn't what was what wasn't what may be what could be again, say please take me away from here but also how could I ever leave, get lost in a video game, have someone see you, it's not who you want it to be, ponder the parallels of our experiences, laugh like a squeaky wheel, have someone see you, figure it out, have it be who...

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lifelostfoundwhat once was

I'm only me

once upon a time I built a wall around myself and expected someone else to break it down. then some time passed and I was the one to break it. then I felt strong, and love. then I continued the tradition of worrying too much and I thought I was going to die, and what can I do to make me feel safe. then I put up a chainlink fence with barbed wire all around me but watching birds perching on it made...

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Ne'er Dance

“I don’t dance,”

I told everyone who asked.

“I’m terrible at it.”

So I didn’t.

I sat on the sidelines and watched.


I used to dance.

I didn’t question it when my feet

Would tap of their own accord and my body

Would wiggle around with delight.

“I was young and I was stupid.

It was embarrassing.”


I’m still young and I’m still stupid.

I’m still terribl...

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lifedeathdanceteenage bullshit

Cast Me away

Cast me away on a sea of dreams

And let me float away

I’ll be back later on

Sometime today


Cast me away on a sea of thoughts

And let me drift away

I’ll explore my inner workings and try to find

A little peace of mind


Cast me away from living people

Let me walk among the dead

And hear their stories from the past:

Thoughts and dreams and memories that last


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Waiting For My Nobody

Tired souls sigh together,

lovers have given up on getting better,

but I will continue to stay with the withered tree until the end of times.

We have exchanged the word 'forever'

and thus I will patiently wait untill we are back together.

I will wait for you, my Nobody,

until my body cannot anymore.

Until my body decays

and my bones slip into Mother's embrace.

Even then...

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வாழ்க்கை பயணம்

வாழ்க்கை என்ற ஒன்றில் பிறப்பு முதல் இறப்பு வரை அனைவருக்கும் பயணம் ஒன்றே ஆனால் அவரவர் தேர்ந்து எடுக்கும் பாதை வேறு . . . . . . வளைந்து செல்லும் பாதைகளில் திரும்பி செல்ல தெரிந்துகொள்ள வேண்டும் இல்லையெனில் வீழ்வது நாம் தான் பாதை அல்ல . . .. . .. . . உடன் வருபவர் உனக்காக வரவில்லை ஊருக்காக வருகிறார். . . . . உனக்கு தேவையான உணர்விற்காக இல்லை அவருக்கு தேவையான உதவிக்காக வருகிறார் ....

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The Godfather Part III

On a Saturday night many years ago

I’d be out and off to town

But these days a typical night

Is watching TV

Just like tonight

Watching The Godfather, Part Three


It wasn’t a bad film

Although hardly up to parts one and two

If my childhood was part one

Then I loved it

I had lots of fun

I lived it for the most part, carefree


Part two was mostly about


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there once was a boy

good-hearted and innocent

worried not about the 

flecks of mud

clinging to his toes

thinking not on the

stinging scrapes

kissing his knees

worried not

save for the dwindling daylight

that brings an end

if only temporary

to his fun


there was once a man

chased by the sun

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timelifetime fliesmemoryhappinessinnocencechildhood


When you are young,

You wonder what life is about;

When you are old,

You still do not know.

It’s only when you’re middle-aged

That you think you understand,

Because of tears you shed at funerals

And the trail of your footprints in the snow.

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Closet with a handful of Masks

I keep drowning
in the noise
Others opinions
on how
To live my life
Their expectations
Only stress and scare me
If only I knew myself
Inside out
Through and through
If only I've finally become
Deaf and dumb
To this noise around
If only I can make
A decision
and swear on my integrity
That it's truly
Mine own
If only I stop
Striving to prove myself
to this world around......

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You were supposed to be temporary.

A Mr. Right Now

But you were so persistent when I was so hesitant.

You opened your arms when I shied away.

So believe me when I say, that it hurt to be betrayed. 

You looked me in the eyes when you told your bold face lies. 

I wanted to believe you, I almost believed you, because deep down I didn't want to lose you. 

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Life Tercets

A story about
                an old poet
    and his cottage

A dream of an old mariner
                lost in Wales
    adrift on his words

A memory of
                a young boy
    on his maiden voyage

A memory of
    lost at sea

A line on a chart
                between a girl
    and loneliness

A communion

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