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on the face I caught cloudy
sadness doesn't go away
even though it has been forced to sing
try to cheer up  your loneliness

raindrops wet the earth
touch me hope
the sorrow will disappear
if I could play the role of the sun
undoubtedly it was thick and thick

I breathe cold swish season
will my warm presence be necessary
hold ourselves intimate warmly
mix desires not to be frozen


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Charles Bukowski (Way He Writes)

Charles Bukowski

   Charles Bukowski was quite a character. Bukowski relied on experience, emotion, and imagination in his work, using direct language and violent and sexual imagery. Many people found his writing offensive. He writes with a nothing-to-lose truthfulness which makes him different from most writers. Bukowski was very much into alcohol, sex and even violence. Bukowski went to schoo...

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catcharles bukowskideathlifemeaningpoempoetry


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half dream half real
your face is present charm
enter the heart space
has been locked in silence

in a sensory virtual frame
knitting orange memories
involve human heart braid
change sadness to happiness

thousands of flowers
make a fragrant soul
decorate jokes of conscience
the promise is expressed
in beautiful words for all the time

in real worldly wandering
swinging steps hit ...

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Ernest Hemingway (Rules of Writing) My Own Hemingway Poem

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway was quite an interesting man. He had a certain way of writing; a certain set up. Back then he once states,"The writers job is to tell the truth." everytime he was stuck while writing he would remind himself of this. Start off with the truest sentence you know, it could be anything. Use short sentences and short paragraphs but have multiple sections, don't just let it ...

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ernest hemingwaylovepoemspoetry

Psychology and Poetry in the Same Bed

There's many things behind poetry that is still a mystery today. Why does it make us feel a certain way when certain words are placed together? Is it that it's relatable? Nostalgic? Reassuring? I know many people that don't enjoy poetry and many that do. Why is that? Are those that dislike it close-minded? Does it show they haven't been through what the poem is implying, therefore they can't relat...

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About You

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about you ...
your fingers are tiny flexible
hand-held soft desire
vibrating romance more beautiful
our passion is cordially welcomed

about you ...
your skin is straight yellow
stroked my passion fascinated
turmoil increasingly touched intentions
I kissed your cheeks pink blushing

about you ...
you hair is black and bright
touch my desire for outlets
amazingly fragrant
make me wi...

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toxic train track

metal waste raindrop

incarcerated too long too late

no reply.


Risk until one always.

Any ways. Anyways.

fastforward. Visual rewind

incongruity. Incongruous.

Inferior absolutes. Taste

lingering remnant after

gauzy impossibility.

Ending. Search mystified.

Final helping of emptiness


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emotional poetryfree versepoetrysad poetry

I Wanna Make Love with You

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I wanna make love with you
let my fingers caress gently
crossing the curves of your body
let the spoiled movement wrap
washed away in your beautiful hair

I wanna make love with you
your lips are splendidly full
I warmly turtle each other
let it pull out the body's desires
and our love is increasingly intertwined

I wanna make love with you
moist eyes stroking all of you
your body is...

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Rhythm of the Winds

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I heard the symphony of the day
I don't need to buy
I stopped listening to music playback
through leaves from one tree to another

the wind starts the violin
use sandalwood as rent
chasing songs full of souls
and gently carried around the branches

a calm breeze came
larger strings burst in
strong strains increase fast
and I listen to the melody pervade

gusts on the grass play soft...

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I don't know what the right term is

For this kind of tide

It is high but not stormy

Grey flecked with white

Slightly misty, bad tempered

I get the feeling it would like

To burst through the walls

And drown me quietly


I stare through the windows

Of a seafront bistro

Designed to show the bay

At its best to visitors

But the waves ...

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Just A Mere Daydream

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I want you on my lap
both of us enjoy the beautiful night
staring at the moon starred
whispered spelling our hopes

I want to rub your smile
with a warm loving look
convincing you of my true nature
embed white love in the niche of your heart

I want to warm my darling
through a soft kiss on your forehead
so that you absorb the sincerity of my love
always united with the smell of love


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Bless Me

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my Lord ...
grant me a heart that is always awake
which is not infested with false dreams
until I do not turn away from You

my Lord ...
give me grace the heart
which is not diminished by unworthy desires

my Lord ...
grant me a straight and honest heart
who are not persuaded and plunged
by what I consider reasonable but dangerous

my Lord ...
give me a strong heart
which will not ...

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Romantic Desire

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even though we're more certain we'll meet
but there is still anxious confusion
my longing is mounting in my heart
can't wait to count the ticking time

the interwoven words unravel the taste
you remind me I'll be disappointed
but my answer to you remains the same
I love you just the way you are

I've prepared a truly heart
but there was always pounding
I want to be the best for you

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The Rhythm of Life

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back in the birds singing open early
keep pace with the heart
turning the rhythm of life
the chance goes back to light
it should be colorful and cheerful

the hum of the water sucker
over the rubbing of the broom stick
prepare for the feeling of picking up hope
the squeal scream swarmed with courage
prepare yourself to catch up with charm

morning nature music gently swings
cool consc...

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Our Love Will Last Forever

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your eyes keep your heart soft
gently your smile implies sincerity of your love
you are the most beautiful gift of my life
I feel peace in our every moment

it feels like a dream of our encounter
every blink of your eyes is a light of peace
your smile is my comfort
flowing sincere coolness of your love

your smile makes me not want to get away from you
although there are not many words ...

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Script Without Words

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before you really go
leave a quiet piece of your heart
please stay a moment
although only for a piece of the story
we don't change it
flowing beautifully in surrender verses

here the season is still loyal
storing stripes of love
which marched in the sea of letters
without words

it is difficult to write
my longing for you
as blue as a clear sky
which I painted with a rainbow


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Twenty Ways to Ruin a Poem

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It’s best to sneak up on the reader.

Change the meter,

Change the rhyme,

Change the tone,

Or change the subject.

Try to do something unexpected,

Like confessing a crime

Or secret perversion,

Even in a

Short poem.

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our mothers

          are windows


through them

          we see the world


and in them

          we see the faintest


of our selves


they are not easy to


but neither are they



to break them

          we run the risk

of injury


our knuckles crack

as does their glass



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familyfree verseMotherspoetry


i can’t think of any other words

i’m sorry

you’re the puzzle piece 

that didn’t fit

and i bent your corners

and snipped off where you stuck out

and although the puzzle started looking pretty 

to me 

you suffered and 

it was so obvious but

i was so stubborn ‘cause

i wanted it to look perfect but

you didn't belong 

and i'm not sure if this means much



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love poempoetryrelationshipssad poem

the first is [not]

I don’t have a poem for you

you don’t feel volatile

I am sputtering like a flame someone left too close to

            an open window

but you are not the chilly night air

you are not the frayed wick

I still haven’t figured out what you are

you are like deja vu with pretty eyes

seeing a splintering of a thousand potential futures

they all exist because none of them exist ...

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free verse poetrylove poemlove poetrymadnesspoetrypunctuationspacing

the first is

This one is not for you.



Close your eyes

    those framed portraits

[eager and aloof.]

one day red

full stop

left to [no] exchange



[looking]                                                             up   up            down


Stay sane.


with no regard,


luke warm


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concrete poetryfree verse poetrylove poetrypoetrypunctuation

First Snow

I’m disappointed and surprised
you turned the block and hit my eyes
ugh, the first snow in New York
it’s barely fall and now I’m cold
I wanted you gone so I wouldn’t fold

through the panic I bundle up
I’ve got to focus or we’ll be stuck
I can’t believe it’s fucking you
gliding towards me heart beats steadily
dangling hair, your own kind of weaponry

if you come any closer
soon we’ll be s...

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first snowpoetryrelationshipssad poemssnow

All Alike

They are all alike,
And she's not,
Nor has she ever 
Wanted to be,
A wave of ordinary sameness,
Each following 
The same insipid song
Toward some distant cliff
Where they'll all jump off,
Just because that's
What everyone else does.


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Poisoning our Children

Carcinogenics in every single thing we buy
From our food, clothes, to even our hair dye
Although Europe does indeed do more to try to protect us
America really doesn't seem to give a flying fudge
They have many slimy loop holes which risk our health and safety
Like the fragrance loop hole that has, over these years, affected us far too greatly
They need not disclose chemicals that they use t...

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Not knowing where it is,
No idea,
No recollection,
Anxiety, guilt,
Fear that it is about
Much more than
The object,
A transition to
Something else.


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Til Morning Light

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{Til Morning Light}

I've doubted my

happiness along

awaiting for my newer

sins til morning light

and as I rewrite all

of my stories and

compete with my

never-ending ends

that seems to never

be ending for me daily 

and I don't have time

for no imposters

because I will only

fade away at the

rumbling watery

morning light while

rewriting all my new


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Poempoetryshort poemsshort poetryshort storystorythinking out loudTina Gloverwriting out loud

If only poetry burned calories...(first posted 31/10/18)

One of my favourite ways of passing the time

Is chasing imagery and hunting down rhyme,

But as this takes place inside my head

It’s not enough, or so my doctor’s said.

Poetry feeds my brain and soothes my soul

But it doesn’t help much towards my fitness goals.


If only flexing words could take inches off my thighs!

If only shaping verses was more than mental exercise!


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body imagecaloriespoetryslam poetry

If only poetry burned calories

One of my favourite ways of passing the time

Is chasing imagery and hunting down rhyme,

But as this takes place inside my head

It’s not enough, or so my doctor’s said.

Poetry feeds my brain and soothes my soul

But it doesn’t help much towards my fitness goals.


If only flexing words could take inches off my thighs!

If only shaping verses was more than mental exercise!


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body imagecalorieslosing weightpoetry

Too Close

I hate pretending

a way of fending 

off others mending

from themselves

another good thing

lost like a shoe string

problems I do bring

lack purpose 

show yourself to me 

paint it heavenly 

it ends tragically

I’m confused

because you were here

I filled you with fear

now you’ve disappeared

it’s my fault

I live with a space

like a buffer place


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love poetrypoetrysad poems

If Only You and Van Gogh Knew

If your art is good, as it feels in your bones

You will become known


Long after your ashes are sprinkled

And all of your senses are gone 


Particularly if you cut off your lobe

Or choose for yourself to end it all


Note scraps reveal queer love affairs

Poems show in the rubble of fallen walls


Fans will become obsessed

Frame you in the brightest light 


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artartistartistsfamepaintingspassionpoetryVincent Van Gogh


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    Poor Dai never got the hang of it,

    At school in our first lesson

    On art appreciation

    We studied

    'A Man Holding His Horse'

    By George Stubbs.


    The teacher issued us

    With notebooks

    In which to record

    Feelings and impressions

    Arising from the painting.


    Dai wrote...

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poetryWALESWelsh PoetryWelsh Poets.David Subacchi

Going, going but not gone

I think it’s finally my time

I’m fading to the back of the line

there’s not much left inside my mind

just sit still and watch me go


As far as I can’t think 

I’m damaged, my kinks

try to fix them, I won’t stop you

do what you want, I’m lost without you


I thought you’d make me feel better

now I ache and it’s not the weather 

you said that feeling was beneficia...

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lost livespoetrysad poems

Cultivating Life

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A traffic jam that spans an entire epoch

Is followed by daily punishments of

Dreary Sisyphean meanderings,

Followed by even more traffic

In sweltering heat and sticky humidity.


With all energy drained from

Lungs, limbs, and mind,

He shuffles into his house

Seeking only relief and brief reprieve.


As he unbuttons his soaked shirt,

“Do me,” assaults his ears


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Stars Cross

do we subsist together 

I feel so far away

born between sowed leaves

my own land and sea

different enough to feel lost

similar enough to connect

individuals so complex

experience, goals, struggles

crystal clear and opaque bubbles

it seems impossible 

how we manage

simultaneously in tandem

when in orbit, will we meet

you see me and I, you

I touch you and yo...

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Hardened Poets

entry picture

Neither cold night nor seasonal change

on the turning earth dismays or hampers them


Veterans of words hold fast in all weathers

Never retreating, ever writing victories


Impassioned by an urgent inner voice

They hold fast to their poetic purpose


Drawing strength from years, they fight on

Never dimmed or surrendering to silence.

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Hardened poetspoetryResilience

Poetic insomnia

The battle begins -

Poetry behind my eyes

Will not let me sleep. 

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Pieces of Me

entry picture

My light shined upon

the dark hues of you-

the vastness hidden

in narcissism.


I coated the pain

with discarded paint,

bleeding through linens

of truth's art canvas.


Fragile yet edgy curves

dance into shapes that

identify me,

granting sanity.

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Missing Soul

I come to at half past three
in the middle of the night
and these images won't erase
I'm haunted by the tape
once it is light
your hands disappear
my brain is mine
and my limbs come crawling back
but the tape keeps playing
I know there's no escape
because night always falls
then I fall into you
and my mind leaves me
with no thoughts left to think
I make my way
the void is frictionle...

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poetrysad poemsshort poem

{Evil Venom}

entry picture

{Evil Venom}


Your venom is like an evil

wicked snake knocking

at the door saying let me

in because I am the devil

and as I try to run from

the devil knocking at the

door because I can't

escape myself it's like

holding a shotgun to my

head and pulling the trigger

while blowing my brains

out all over you pussy ass

bitches while saying hot

damn you hav...

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entry picture

I have released a new poetry/music album titled 'Screaming Blue Murder' under my recording project THE CROWS OF ALBION. The title track is provided above.

There are 16 tracks (1 cover) all of which were originally posted as poems on Write Out Loud.

Over the past 5 months I've been working them into 'songs' with a great producer - John Kettle from Merry Hell at Music Projects in Wigan.


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Love isn't easy to do 

Love can be a nightmare

that follows you

throughout your life 

Love can rip your heart

apart if you trust in

someone who says or

claims that they love you

when in fact they don't

or never did 

Love is a tangible

unmistakable hurtful

lie of your life 

Love can leave one down

in the dumps when

someone rips your


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lifeloveOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpoempoetrystoriesthinking out loudTina Gloverwriting out loud

Calling Bluff

The shadows are getting smaller

You’re unable to continue to hide

You have as much luck as the cold caller

When your debt is paid, things will again be right


You’re on the way to misery

Trust me, I’m able to foresee

This fate that has become your distant destiny

One in which you’ll fall down before me


You bite the hand that helps you

Had the chance to quit to


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Learning From Our Lass

I've been trying since I got released
I want to start anew
but it's impossible to get a job
when I can't secure an interview
they're gossiping down the bookies
and in the local boozer
they're saying I'm no kind of man
that I'm only out to use her
they're saying that I'm work-shy
'cause I stay at home all day
while she's out working two jobs
struggling by on minimum pay
I admit I've got...

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familylifepoempoetryrehabilitationrelationshipsworking class

Writing in Rhyme

Please consider watching this slam live on Youtube (with subtitles):



I can’t help writing in rhyme. I do it all the time.

Rhymes sneak into my texts unbidden

Or if they’re not there, or are too well hidden

Their absence clangs like a bell

And I feel compelled to find them somewhere… bear, care, dare, hair, tear… repair, despair…


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silly we are, humans.

we stand in front a whatever immortality.

sinners we are, human beings.

we close our eyes in front a sequence of lying mortality.

innocent we are, children.

we choose to play, pac man in a monopoly’s game.

and this continue, to be continued.

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love; sleep; snuggle; innocense; goodnessminimalpoempoetry

Poetic Warning


This world is under poetic surveillance

The POETS are watching


No image, sound or experience is guaranteed safe

from being found… inspiring


They will take feelings you didn’t know you had

and turn them into words you didn’t know you needed


They may not know who they are

but once they get started

they can be unstoppable and unforgettable.



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When I’m remembering you

(Put on Chet Baker - Almost Blue - then read in his voice)


The only time we meet is when I’m remembering you

All my thoughts a bridge

Constructed out of loyal recollections

Reflections I’ve perfected in my mind

And again you are divine

Again you are mine

More mine than ever - before

For a moment -

For a moment - sublime

More than ever before

When I’m remember...

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A two week old cup of homemade lemonade right before I brush my teeth with vinegar

Losing all my trust,
yet I still believe you,
admitting my defeat.

You have lied,
many times before,
and you still told me things,
no body knows.

Showed your true colours,
but never showed your face.
Flirt with the thought of death,
somehow you were stopped,
but this time,
nothing stands in the way,
except for a bottle of rum,
a golden pen and a writing you'll never understand.

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Bless in a dress (Or just a coincidence that happened at the right place at the right time, I honestly do not know anymore)

With your new red dress,
you walk with such class,
whenever I see you,
you just push me away.

With your new red dress,
you've made my life a mess.

We used to walk along all through the day,
now I can hardly see you,
just wanna say this to your face,
you empty me out.

Like your new red dress,
you're already stained,
easy to wash it,
yet it'll never change your face.

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entry picture




 Just for a while

 The feel of summer,

 Fields of sunflowers,

 Light dazzling,

 Heat caressing,

 France not Cheshire

 Kind of summer.


 Smell of lusty earth,

 Taste of young wine

 That won't travel,

 Freshness of fruit

 And vegetables,

 Proudly displayed

 On market stalls.


 Just for a while

 The illusion of summer,


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