First Snow

I’m disappointed and surprised
you turned the block and hit my eyes
ugh, the first snow in New York
it’s barely fall and now I’m cold
I wanted you gone so I wouldn’t fold

through the panic I bundle up
I’ve got to focus or we’ll be stuck
I can’t believe it’s fucking you
gliding towards me heart beats steadily
dangling hair, your own kind of weaponry

if you come any closer
soon we’ll be shoulder to shoulder
what are the chances that you’re here
I remember the last thing we discussed
it was just how much we had enough

but you’d take me back, you told me so
love gets you high if you feel low
ugh, something about the first snow
but I don’t want to feel that way
stuck to the pavement, skies gray

I’ll want to build an igloo
around you
have you for myself
I’ll use the snow like a glue
suffocate you
mine until it melts

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Joanna Halliday

Wed 21st Nov 2018 02:10

thank you all for listening?

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Hannah Collins

Sun 18th Nov 2018 18:16

I really enjoyed this poem.
Nature and the elements while people struggle to relate to one another.


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Martin Elder

Sun 18th Nov 2018 16:31

There is some really good use of words and turn of phrase here.
Nice one

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Sun 18th Nov 2018 16:25

I like the image of building an igloo around snow.

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