Going, going but not gone

I think it’s finally my time

I’m fading to the back of the line

there’s not much left inside my mind

just sit still and watch me go


As far as I can’t think 

I’m damaged, my kinks

try to fix them, I won’t stop you

do what you want, I’m lost without you


I thought you’d make me feel better

now I ache and it’s not the weather 

you said that feeling was beneficial 

but I feel hungover and superficial 


I stopped to stare at pedals on a flower 

but we’re spinning at 1,000 miles per hour

you won’t believe me if you look down 

and see your feet planted to the ground 


I’m fading still, I’m almost gone

I’m so tired of being life’s pawn

I’m sick and angry when I think about it,

when I think that there’s a place I fit

if there is right, then I am wrong 

surprised myself, but I held on this long

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Big Sal

Wed 17th Oct 2018 12:33

Second to last stanza sticks out like a sore thumb.

Well done on this one too.?

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