Ernest Hemingway (Rules of Writing) My Own Hemingway Poem

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway was quite an interesting man. He had a certain way of writing; a certain set up. Back then he once states,"The writers job is to tell the truth." everytime he was stuck while writing he would remind himself of this. Start off with the truest sentence you know, it could be anything. Use short sentences and short paragraphs but have multiple sections, don't just let it run on. He encourages all to use vigourous language, make your thoughts known and full of emotion. Don't just use dead words. Be positive with what you write, not negative. Sure you can have a few sad poems here and their but make sure you throw in some optimism there so the readers and yourself are reminded of hope and happiness. 

These are his rules in his own words,""first, short and simple sentence constructions, with heavy use of parallelism, which convey the effect of control, terseness, and blunt honesty; second, purged diction which above all eschews the use of bookish, latinate, or abstract words and thus achieves the effect of being heard or spoken or transcribed from reality rather than appearing as a construct of the imagination (in brief, verisimilitude); and third, skillful use of repetition and a kind of verbal counterpoint, which operate either by pairing or juxtaposing opposites, or else by running the same word or phrase through a series of shifting meanings and inflections."

I've decided to develop a poem following a few of these rules. Make my own Hemingway poem and this is what came from it.

"I love you

With every search of words

With every thought to write

this I know to be true

Throughout forever, our time will linger

Throughout together, until we grow weak and die

with every drunken night, I will live by your side

and softly whisper in your ear

my darling there's nothing to fear

only my love will grow attached

I love you

with every thought risen

with every word written

​​​​​​​my love for you is known to be the only truth."

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