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Just another breakdown

It's hard when you're always lying,
Always hiding the way you feel.
Losing your sight on truthful words,
Forgetting what is real.

It's hard when you forget to laugh
And you're scared that someone might see.
Hoping no one saw your face,
As you struggle to remember how to breathe.

It's hard to pretend you're happy,
And you're terrified someone might ask.
It's becoming harder every day;

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Priory impropriety

So here’s a funny story,

I met my relate councillor 

in “The Priory”

we engaged in behaviour

tainted by impropriety.


We group therapie’d

and CBT’d,

but later in proceedings

succumbed to 

mutual need.


We cried and

told the truth,

then smiled and lied,


each other could barely hide.


Both broken

both bitter,

torn in two

I looke...

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Lora's Woe

Lora's Woe

On the far side of broken pride,
clinging to scraps of humble pie,
the one thing she had left to hide,
Lora crumbled a little, by and by

Why was there no light of reason that night,
her vision blurred through splashing tears, 
a future so uncertain as to give her fright,
as Lora looked for comfort in the recent years

The draw of those memories sucked her in more,

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