Just another breakdown

It's hard when you're always lying,
Always hiding the way you feel.
Losing your sight on truthful words,
Forgetting what is real.

It's hard when you forget to laugh
And you're scared that someone might see.
Hoping no one saw your face,
As you struggle to remember how to breathe.

It's hard to pretend you're happy,
And you're terrified someone might ask.
It's becoming harder every day;
It's becoming quite a task.

You feel when your body shakes,
As it searches for something to hold.
Though the temperature feels hot,
Your heart and mind feel cold.

Your throat feels like it's closing,
And your legs feel like they're weak.
You try your hardest to grasp a breath,
But there's not even enough to speak.

Your hands remain unsteady,
And your heart pounds like a drum,
And even though you can barely walk,
You fight the urge to run.

You scream as the world starts spinning,
And your knees drop straight to the ground.
You realize in that moment
You're just having another breakdown.


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Sat 18th Aug 2018 04:32

Thank you so much @Hugh
Basically it's just a description of what I've felt and have been feeling in my life now a days...

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Fri 17th Aug 2018 10:36

An excellent psychological insight into a teenager's mind as to what is involved in a breakdown.Well done.

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