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Hiding behind these thick frames

Shying away from these constant insults

Look down at the floor hoping it would swallow me whole

I look at myself in the mirror and see plain Jane


Back of the class, looking out the window

Nobody to talk to except your book

Every glare, every snide comment

I brush it off like an insect on my shoulder


Cowards check for cuts on my arm


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anorexiabulimiastop the bullying

Social Media Studies

Safety of a keyboard
Megaphone at your finger tips
You describe your philosophy
In glourious, tedious details
Silent your lips

Trawl the media, type the spite
Big man, big M.A.N
Big girl, well D.O.N.E
Dumb on a smart phone
7000 friends?, I'm no fan

Off with their heads
Leave me my thumb!
Culturally empty
Narcissistic vanity tool
Social? human? scum! 

So dead you don't even 

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Stop the bullying

Let there be love!

entry picture

There once was a man that said
he"d loved all his children no matter what.
And if that's so and if we choose to believe it
then why can't we accept they way others love
if he can?

Because quite frankly
everyone deserve to be loved.
And when being loved or loving one
it shouldn't matter about the fact
that a guy likes another guy
or the fact that a women
likes another women
because love...

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godgod loves allhumanlovelove is loverespectstop the bullying

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