Let there be love!

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There once was a man that said
he"d loved all his children no matter what.
And if that's so and if we choose to believe it
then why can't we accept they way others love
if he can?

Because quite frankly
everyone deserve to be loved.
And when being loved or loving one
it shouldn't matter about the fact
that a guy likes another guy
or the fact that a women
likes another women
because love is love
and god loves all!

But, you don't have to believe
what they believe,
you don't have to understand it,
you don't have to love they way they do,
but you DO have to respect them
because they're just a human being
like you and I. And it makes you less
of a person for treating someone so badly.

So, STOP the hate!
STOP the bullying!
STOP  everything
and let there be LOVE!

godgod loves allhumanlovelove is loverespectstop the bullying

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