Social Media Studies

Safety of a keyboard
Megaphone at your finger tips
You describe your philosophy
In glourious, tedious details
Silent your lips

Trawl the media, type the spite
Big man, big M.A.N
Big girl, well D.O.N.E
Dumb on a smart phone
7000 friends?, I'm no fan

Off with their heads
Leave me my thumb!
Culturally empty
Narcissistic vanity tool
Social? human? scum! 

So dead you don't even 
Know you're alive.



Stop the bullying

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Tue 27th Dec 2016 13:18

Deadly... words are sharper than a double edged sword...

Naughty... be it, to think awakening be your way...

Naughty thought sometimes awakening the one's sleepy soul. that's writer is... should be...

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Tue 27th Dec 2016 03:22

Thanks for the comments & Ray - you might like my "toilet inspired" one...Mothballs n Piss...Jeff...

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Mon 26th Dec 2016 20:30

I yearn for the old days of toilet graffiti - often no less childish and sometimes witty - a place for social or rather unsocial comments. The whole social media is a mixed blessing , a melting pot that often reaches melting point.

Nice one.



Mon 26th Dec 2016 16:09

"Leave me my thumbs!" Haha too true-and obviously, much more important than a head

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Sun 25th Dec 2016 17:13

You don't need to physically hit someone to bully them....words hurt too....Jeff....

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