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Vanessa Kisuule I Thank You

This poem is a thank you to Vanessa Kisuule for her poem ‘Take Up Space’, a message of empowerment to girls and women. I thought this was fitting as today is international day of the girl, although the message applies to anyone it resonates for.


Vanessa Kisuule I Thank You


Vanessa Kisuule I thank you,

for your poem awoke me 

to the power of spoken w...

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A Victim’s card

entry picture

Nothing is parallel or can be paralleled

Even when it is compounded, and expounded inside

It rages loud but gently in rib cages,

Behind hushing skinny fingers

Its beauty is too great, its beauty belongs to us

The formers, the creators of this place

We are the damned, we were the great


Oh the facade, it is all a facade they mimic the art

But can you take the cut, bleed ...

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Common Ground

Our country allows free expression – in reason.

Expression without hate, prejudice or simple

discrimination.  We are a genuine, true

bastion for our world.  Occasions in modern

history illustrate the ease of taking the

wrong option – our mistakes.  Regardless, citizens

do have a right to harbour and express valued

opinion, views or convictions that conflict

with that of our...

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Writing is Power

Writing gives me the power to express how I am feeling without actually having to say,

I have a pen, paper and 24 hours in a day.

Although I keep my silence, I can still let it all out

I could talk about the blood, sweat and tears but they're all visible signs.

The things I need to talk about are all in my mind.

I find it so difficult to trust family and friends

but have no prob...

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The split infinitive. (Or 'Twisted logic'; or 'Running scared.')

To dare to boldly go into the lionesses den and emerge

unscathed is as likely as feeling close shaved after using a

very blunt disposable razor blade.

The latest fool to try this publicly on 'Celebrity Big Brother' is an

old (school) actor called Ken Morley; at one time rarely off our TV

screens in 'Coronation Street'; but now seldom seen except in TV ads

for double glazing.


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