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She was forced to be strong,

Her gentle nature hidden within the folds of her heart.

Love has been fleeting,

Each time tearing her apart.


Vulnerability is weakness in her mind,

Afraid she’ll be left behind...

A lioness taking on the role of the lion





Very keen,observant, and precise,

This time— indecisiveness won’t suffice


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maybe, I.J.

i want to marry you.
maybe we'll both wear dresses 
maybe Skyler will be our best man
maybe my family won't be invited
maybe Steve will walk me down the isle
maybe our color will be black
or blue
or dark red 
or a deep purple
maybe you'll have half your head shaved
and I'll have an arm covered in tattoos
maybe our first dance will be to an Incubus song
maybe to an Ed Sheeran song

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entry picture

Has it really been one year?

Is this what it takes to really breathe?

Well no one told me it would be that harsh..

Well maybe..

Maybe I should have asked..


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