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Climate Catastrophe: Pandemic and Pestilence

Epidemiologists and public health ethicists have been grappling for some time with the near certainly of widespread disease pandemics resulting from climate change. Changes in non-human animal migration and human migration will bring extant pathogens to new populations as warming releases long dormant pathogens on the world once again. Large swaths of the population could be wiped out in an incred...

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bioethicsclimate changeextinctionglobal warmingpandemicpathogenspestilenceplaguepublic health

Humans: the race that plagues the Earth

You see the USA and UK
Having pride for our race
When really, we are a disgrace
But the truth always is the hardest thing to face

We hurt the world that gave us life
Proving our greed has no price
We are a plague upon the earth
Taking it for all that it is worth
Money comes before conservation
Because nothing is worth it, without gaining a sum
Disguising our greed as caring for what's ...

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charityconservationdestroying the planetdestructionearthhumanHumansplaguepollutionrace

Danse Macabre (The Dance of Death)

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Oh streets, your weeping cobbles shine
Against the moonlight, wailing sirens
Beckon those that have succumb
To fill your guttered lines with souls.
Blistered, bloated, wandering lost
Through invalid eyes – flies feast
On stale skin, as deep within
The eruptions pulse to a deathly drum.
One by one they fall in line
Upon swarming sewer drains,
Stacked, like broken branches cau...

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