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Humans: the race that plagues the Earth

You see the USA and UK
Having pride for our race
When really, we are a disgrace
But the truth always is the hardest thing to face

We hurt the world that gave us life
Proving our greed has no price
We are a plague upon the earth
Taking it for all that it is worth
Money comes before conservation
Because nothing is worth it, without gaining a sum
Disguising our greed as caring for what's been done
When it's just another way to pay for our 'fun'
If you believe we truly do care
Why does helping cost such a great fare?
What is money compared to saving the planet
That, When completely ruined, even we can't inhabit?
Is money that important that our world comes at a fee
And without it even our race will die out eventually 

Humanshumanraceplagueconservationcharitypollutiondestroying the planetdestructionearth

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 4th Nov 2018 15:28

The need to "clean up our act" should always be recognised
and worth a reminder now and this poem!
There is, however, the corresponding fact
That we have the insight to know and act
To meet the dangers and see them gone
As Mankind and Progress marches on.

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Sat 3rd Nov 2018 22:09

Thankyou every one

And it was purely for rhyme and because they're the most known for having a lot of pride for our countries is all ? nothing personal haha

<Deleted User> (18980)

Sat 3rd Nov 2018 19:34

A well constructed poem, and I agree with the sentiment about saving the planet, but why is it always the UK and USA that are singled out? I believe we both do a lot to clean up our act. Have you seen the pollution coming out of chimneys in China? Or plastic clogging up rivers in the third world?

I for one constantly give thanks that I am privileged to have the right to live in the UK.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 3rd Nov 2018 15:30

I agree with Keith well constructed..excellent poem. Thank you for sharing..❤

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keith jeffries

Sat 3rd Nov 2018 14:37


This is a well constructed poem which is raw in its truth and fully embraces reality. Dare I say we think alike as I share so much that you have so eloquently written.
Well done and thank you


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