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​​​​​​Where are you?

Your tomb is still undiscovered.

Does it need to stay that way?

Are your secrets too powerful?

Why are you so quiet?

I try to speak but only few words are returned.

You are a transporter between here and there.

What keeps you in existence?

Will you always lead to the underworld?

You valiantly guard the graves and protect them with your might.

Why ...

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Promoting democracy

A rain of death is falling in Ramses Square

There's something perceptively evil in the air

Perhaps it's the word Moslem

That excuses the eagle from treating them less like men

I saw him, unarmed pleading hands outstretched in front of the tank

The rifle raised these bastards are not firing blanks

What code, what right is invoked that separates crime from state

What t...

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Hands of Ankh

entry picture


Hands of Ankh


Kanjenga Maargwah,

Ingee – Ingee.

Kanjeng Maargweh,

Ingwa – Ingee.


Ifah Heylamdey -

Mukweyh Fulaniye,

Ingwe – Megwa.



Keysan Pulvavia Zem,

Ingew – Megweh.


Kafaluwahe Mezehen butwa,

Kufulu Kunjeng

Ankh Vit.

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