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spot on my face

see this face


I could never get bored of my reflection

my hazel eyes and milky complection 

make up perfect..eyelashes the lot 

spoiled by the presence of a spot

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entry picture

Either to swear, or not
The lies are a bad spot 
Thanks, but thanks a lot 
For your unfaithful effort 

Isabella, remember, again 
That love has fall in a drain 
Not only nothing to gain 
But also broke the brain 

You believe all what you say 
As a role of a daily play 
Surely, will see some day 
How much of love you deny 

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badbelievebrainbrokedailydaydenydraineffortfallgainIsabellalieslovenothingplayrememberrolesayseespotSurelyswearunfaithfulwhat   Thanks

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