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Living in the shadow

of someone else’s life

is a safe hiding place,

most of the time. 


You get to observe, 


no fear, no pain. 


Fertile breeding ground

to create art, music, poetry...


Until the shadow turns around,

chases you down, 

strips you naked in front of a

stone-casting society. 


Do you stand erect

in the blinding light...

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Windows into Me

This is a window into me

Look and you may see

Smudges of yourself

And reflections of society


Windows in the form of

Framed soliloquies

Exhibitions for free


Clean my glass chalice

Clean my glass cauldron

Clean my glass coffin


A voyeurs gathering

Windows into me

Take a look and you may see

Smudges of yourself

And reflections of society

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you and us


YOU are surrounded by glass

Within that

The world

Can observe

The normality of dinner

The association of wealth

The body on the table

The watching of soaps

The entertaining of guests

The reading of books

Masturbation in bedrooms

The privacy of thought.

WE live under mirrors

And reflect them back at you

With that emotion

We coat o...

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