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you and us

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YOU are surrounded by glass

Within that

The world

Can observe

The normality of dinner

The association of wealth

The body on the table

The watching of soaps

The entertaining of guests

The reading of books

Masturbation in bedrooms

The privacy of thought.

WE live under mirrors

And reflect them back at you

With that emotion

We coat ourselves in glycerine

And smuggle into your


But what are WE doing under there?

 what is the point?


Ref: Damien Hirst. 'Let's Eat Outdoors Today.' London Tate Modern.(2011)


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Laura Taylor

Tue 1st Nov 2011 10:45

Another great piece Rach - love the structure of this, the questions, the hidden shit that DH can sometimes bring out. I like your comment about his work heh - same here ;D

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Rachel Bond

Thu 27th Oct 2011 22:56

thanks everyone for comments, they are inspiring.


Thu 27th Oct 2011 19:54

I enjoyed the subject matter as well as the observational conundrums. Nice one.

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Nick Coleman

Thu 27th Oct 2011 13:37

Intriguing piece.
Who is feeding off who? I need to call the window cleaner and then still won't see the point.

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Rachel Bond

Wed 26th Oct 2011 11:02

thanks what is the point?
i am a fan of Hirst's work. it often leaves me furious.


Wed 26th Oct 2011 00:06

"Masturbation in bedrooms

The privacy of thought."

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