Living in the shadow

of someone else’s life

is a safe hiding place,

most of the time. 


You get to observe, 


no fear, no pain. 


Fertile breeding ground

to create art, music, poetry...


Until the shadow turns around,

chases you down, 

strips you naked in front of a

stone-casting society. 


Do you stand erect

in the blinding light,

plunge deeper inside,

or seek another shadow,

pen in hand.


# # #


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Mon 2nd Mar 2020 00:57

“The brighter the light the darker the shadow.” Love that line and sentiment, Po. ?❤️☀️

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Mon 2nd Mar 2020 00:54

Thanks Ruth. I agree, shadows are quite fascinating indeed. Love me some Cat Stevens too❣️

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sun 1st Mar 2020 21:53

Great piece Vautaw. I'm always fascinated but the metaphor of shadows as well as the real ones! Nice accompanying video as well.

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