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Sleeplessness Blues

Sleeplessness Blues
Another day over,  I've done all my doin'
No problems or worries for my brain to be chewin'
Then bed starts to beckon, I'm sleepy, I'm yawning
I'll give it big Zzzzeds, but then without warning
I just can't shut down, the gears start to grind
Theres bings and googles, bingoogling my mind
Thoughts start to muster and add to the clutter
Hear every hea...

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Insomnia (unamused by a whitling muse)

a night too quiet

yet, even in it’s silence,

not quite enough for me

now in my head those words were read

by Richard Burton

but then she came calling in the hours

when there aren’t yet enough digits on the clock

and I ignored the advice of William S Burroughs, or some other I forget,

and told her to fuck off, leave me to the monotone

test card transmission, t...

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