Sleeplessness Blues

Sleeplessness Blues
Another day over,  I've done all my doin'
No problems or worries for my brain to be chewin'
Then bed starts to beckon, I'm sleepy, I'm yawning
I'll give it big Zzzzeds, but then without warning
I just can't shut down, the gears start to grind
Theres bings and googles, bingoogling my mind
Thoughts start to muster and add to the clutter
Hear every heartbeat, was that a flutter
Did I set the alarm...maybe...I think so
Ohhh! Cramp's creepin' into my left leg and big toe.
Try counting backwards ninety seven, ninety six
Can't reach my back where it's started to itch
I should take a course in the art of relaxing.
Did I set the alarm, mmm.....the car needs waxing
Yoga, Pilates, there's fluff in my navel
I've always fancied  an inversion table
Strapped upside down, a quick rush of blood
reaches parts of my head, that's not made of wood
The alphabet backwards, that's what I'll do
Im sure someone borrowed my circular saw 
I need it this weekend, can't remember what for
That auction on ebay, for the red fender strat 
I'll check it tomorrow, don't want to miss that
Hmm....ear worm ...feel it in my fingers, feel it in my toes.
Enter violins and the stab scene in Psycho....
Breaking news, the onions are warning
They say that they'll keep me awake until morning
Can't get to sleep, it's gone half past three
I'll go to the bathroom for just one more pee
I've flicked off the switch, took out the fuse
But I just can't turn off, these sleeplessness blues.
Ste Bee

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 2nd Oct 2014 23:33


likely to be greater still when 'performed'


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