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I am African

I have learned that I am African that I have African blood

I have African brothers that protect me and will not let me fall

 I've learned about the atrocities that slaves went through

I've walked through the dungeons and smelled and seen the horrors that slaves experienced

I stood in the female dungeon and heard the cries for help and felt the fear that these women went through


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Horses and Castles

entry picture

I wish you horses and castles, royalty and peace 

But you’ll just move forward, into defeat 

The pawns are the masters, and they are the slaves.. they

Allow the king and queen, on board to play 

Without which the game, would not be the same 

Without which, who, would take all the blame? 

Working and striving, for a better life 

Blood sweat and tears, and still we fight 


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chessfreedomfreedom is slaverygameGeorge OrwellgreedinequalityinjusticejusticeknowledgeLifemastersorwellpawnpeaceplayerpowerslaveryslaveswarwar is peacewealth

Round and round

Galileo once said the earth was round.
Round and round we go.

Why do we cling to broken things.
Round and round we go.

I had a dream it was truth.
Round and round we go.

One small step for man. One giant leap forward for mankind. Forwards and backwards.
Round and round we go.

The rise and fall of rome. High tides, low tides flow back to the sea
Round and round we go.

This god, that god, ...

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Condemning the evil that I clearly see 

Condemning the evil inside of me 

And you, and every politician priest and Jew

No I’m not antisemitic

So stop with that rhetoric

I’m anti elitist anti inequality 

anti facilitating systems that suppress autonomy     

It’s just a continuation 

of the rise and fall of nations 

Empires shifting to the west 

They leave destruction a...

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autonomyconsciousnesseartheconomyeliteempiresfreedomGeorge OrwellInequalityinjusticenationspoliticsreligiousslaverysuppressionwealth

Do in Rome as Romans do


It should not come as a surprise
Though the right posture
A subordinate doesn't lack
"Do in Rome as Romans do"

With a curved back
s/he has to walk!

It shouldn't come
As a surprise
Watching journalists
Praise that shower
On a tyrant government
In power!

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once there was an ocean of slaves

sinking slowly beneath the waves


the ship of progress sailed on,

cities built , profits made


foundations of reputations laid

without so much as a backward glance


abolitionists rising up

helped fill the compensation cup,


now who looks back down the path they walk

at the faces like fossils in the chalk?

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