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Open (neglected)

When its late and the rain pours and i wonder whos curves are at the door

Id rather ring you until you open wider while i fall deep inside yah

Am i wrong to have fantasies and longings to give you long things

Put you on your side to hear your moaning 

Feeling like a rock stuck in a pipe waiting to burst when it get to tight 

Let that water drip and make wave that echos to the mornin...

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sex and sexuality


I rolled back the stone metaphorically

went through the door

was not offended just curious


into the cave bright and cheery.

Alien, pressed packing under pin spots

an indrawn breath of dismay

at how versatile sex can be.

Orgasm ecstasy fantasy upside down

the pouting grin of a latex clown

and in perfect silence

like a cold church with colour.


A sense of di...

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sex and sexuality

8 Months

8 months

Is the longest I've been able to go without sex since I was 16

I stood frozen, mind racing a mile a minute

Trembling as the truth set in

I was unable look away

As memories replayed themselves like movies in the mirror

New characters and slightly different scenario in each one,

But the plot was always the same

Has always been the same

Since that time when I was 1...

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growthhonestysex and sexuality

The Absolute Need

Owls hoot in the oaks

the jasmine is heady,

I look from the window

and watch them together

scoop the moon from

the shimmering surface

drunk & unsteady,

I almost believe

we'll be happy forever

I'm 54 and I'm ready.


I almost believe

we are marked,

we are blessed,

so I'm keeping the vigil

to h...

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gaysexsex and sexualityspirituality

Vibrators are a girl's best friend

entry picture


I'm the proud owner of a brand new toy
the sheer unbridled joy it brings
is more than words can possibly describe
it's a well-kept secret
and I don't quite know why
since I gave it a try, my life has changed
I'm far nicer to be around than before
previous anxieties and frustrations gone
I'm a new woman due to this fantastic invention
I've kissed goodbye...

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sex and sexuality

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