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Mini Me

They call me your mini me

Strangers mistake us for sisters

Old friends sometimes call me by your name


I have always called you mommy

Except that one year back when youth and innocence clung to my small frame and I decided calling you mom sounded more grown up


 I always forgot when I heard the key turn in the lock and you came home from work

I would run into your ar...

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Unnatural Things

The most unnatural thing in this world
Is a parent
Burying their child
Having to send their little angel back home to God
Losing a piece of their soul no amount of time will ever return

Seeing the ghost of that lost child age alongside their other children
Car seat empty in the back of truck
Birthdays pass with no growth to show for
No graduations to celebrate
One less daughter to walk ...

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Those Days

entry picture

**I wrote this one morning after waking up and looking at my reflection in the mirror. I just looked so tired and weary and haggard. I don't even remember what I did the day before or if something upset me or if things were normal, but that morning when I saw myself, all these feeling came to the surface and this poem is the result of putting them on paper**


I hate those days when you look...

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8 Months

8 months

Is the longest I've been able to go without sex since I was 16

I stood frozen, mind racing a mile a minute

Trembling as the truth set in

I was unable look away

As memories replayed themselves like movies in the mirror

New characters and slightly different scenario in each one,

But the plot was always the same

Has always been the same

Since that time when I was 1...

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growthhonestysex and sexuality

A Ode to Miles Hodges

** I wrote this after watching Miles Hodges' poem "Alcatraz of Balloons" I've been a big fan of his and the other artists from The Strivers Row for a long time now but when I heard this piece and his other one called 'Count On It" they just touched a part of me and I had to write. This poem is a response of sorts/ letter to him**

Dear Mista Miles Hodges,
I want to say thank you
Must admit the...

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