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Selfie Obsessed

entry picture

Selfie aspirations

The constant


At the 20 pictures


In one


Which one

Can make them



No longer insanity

Or even vanity

It's just 

The way

It is


Let's do a

Head tilt

Then some

Guilty Filtering

So frightening

That the

Lighting's not


In here

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The Lost selfie of Kim Kardashian.

Astarte, Holy Isis, Diana,


  unknown nymphs of wood or wave ,


all encompassing Nut,


 whose gracile arch holds up the heavens clear.


  of such fierce womanhood I would hear.


 But ever does my old lyre Wish to strum,

  Only for that bulbous bum.


 Hittite badonkadonk! Great ass of Akkad! 


Whose forebears defied the might of pharaoh ,



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Selfie Culture is Just Culture You Stupid Fucking Baby Boomer.




Finds itself


Position of outward facades, and inward necessities​​​​

Construction having 








from self portraits


meeting at selfies

​​Humble is ideal​​​​

Self Pride is ideal

They both need be

B a l a n...

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I Am The World's First Selfie Poem

I am the world's first selfie poem,
Held aloft by the world's first selfie poem stick,
A look-at-me wordsmith pic,
Here I am fluttering beside Tower Bridge.

So here I pose on the left bank;
Here I'm by the Eiffel Tower,
Here I selfie seductively next to the shower.
Ignore the bidet -
Admire my framed parchment hanging above a plastic flower

Here I am analysed by a poet I barely know...

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