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Begging seaguls amongst the people
Stalking humans outside restaurants  and chip shops
Eagerly awaiting leftovers knowing it is theirs if something drops
We as humans are complaining as if they are a pest and in the way
They would be at sea if the fishermen didn't take their fish away

Now a seagul has a heart and  with a heart should be a soul
To you he may not be useful ..but hes here to ...

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The Poor Little Dove

The Poor Little Dove/Michael Kwack


To watch the wave play with the wind,

I sat by the museum garden pond.


Then a small pigeon came flying,

Landed to her feet, tiny and cute,


And stared up at me, a bit intensely,

Only blinking her eyes, no other move.


She was standing like a camera model,

And I recalled my infanthood pictures.


I started taking som...

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Disorientated (2)


Yesterday a policeman shit on my head

when I went to complain to a pigeon

about my gypsy being stolen by two cars.

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