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Chapter 5: Dreams and Failures

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Waking up from another bad dream 
Or maybe I was having a flashback
Cause most of the time, I can't tell what’s real or not
And the line between reality and fantasy begins to blur. 

In the mirror, I'm the one that everyone wants to be
Like the jocks on the football team
Or those famous Hollywood stars you see on T.V. 
But in the real world, I'm just a boy with a broken pen. 

So I get dress...

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Skool Daze

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At our school we wore red ties and big, blue, woolly sweaters.

Groaning, frowning, learning all those numbers, saints and letters.


The nuns were big and ruthless and they loved to swish the cane.

The summer skies were always blue, it never seemed to rain.

I had a cat sewn in my bag - I couldn’t read my name -

till some wise wit made fun of it – I n...

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Beneath The Watch Tower

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Beneath The Watch Tower


I watch the man who sits below the oak,

his features twisted by the scars of time,

a body wrapped inside a velvet cloak

of moss, that wasn’t there back in his prime.


He played amid the gnawing granite teeth

that sprung from grassy gums of evergreen

and knew nothing of those who lay beneath,

but only those who, with him, danced ...

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