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New Toys

went out for a walk
and a few steps saw
a pencil on the sidewalk
bent down and picked it up
a purple one like new

my strides took me
outside the bustling town
still ahold of the pencil
entered the forest and
wondered how to find paper
noticed some fast-food
the litter had strayed there
so tore it into strips but,
needed a writing surface–

followed a skunky marsh path
where a cru...

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will blue turn into purple?

You were wearing purple today. Purple is going to be ×××'s color now. But blue has always been mine. That's how I knew I was ready to give you that letter. You were wearing my color...

Your eyes were a brighter blue today. After you came in from having a cigarette, you walked past me, then paused. Coffee and tobacco smoke. That's what you smelled like. That's my smell now.

"Just under a minu...

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