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Ann Marie

Left alone, just 4 days old. Four days of seeing your face, hearing your voice, caresses and kisses.

The bond never broken as she walked out the door.

Papers signed and sealed.  She had to go just a child herself.  Her now shameful secret forever to keep.

My heart always empty for her, the search always vigilant.

The dream, we meet,  She is still the child hiding. I am now the adult.  ...

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will blue turn into purple?

You were wearing purple today. Purple is going to be ×××'s color now. But blue has always been mine. That's how I knew I was ready to give you that letter. You were wearing my color...

Your eyes were a brighter blue today. After you came in from having a cigarette, you walked past me, then paused. Coffee and tobacco smoke. That's what you smelled like. That's my smell now.

"Just under a minu...

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Radio Interview with Melanie Manchot

My interview with the artist Melanie Manchot for Brighton's Radio Reverb. You can hear me talking about the back story to Zones of Avoidance which won the 2013 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry

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