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Tuning In

to want to
be a sign-board
sandwiched between
soapbox points of view;
ugly, of a wrong energy
& malignant
a megaphone
announcing how to
live your life like mine with
a hidden agenda of personal
gratification, grandeur, and glory
that only just wanted to be the first,
one-up on everybody else, know it all,
(((((((((()))))))))))))) I noticed (((((((((())))
I was really onl...

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HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER (A rumination on The Capitol Hill Riot)

Enough is enough. Your madness is playing out it's deepest conceit.

No-one stole the election. But you would steal democracy.

You provoke, incite, divide, destroy. You sulk, pout, rant, rage, vilify.

While your America is kissed by the lips of a virus that leaves her breathless and dying,

in the swaggering grandeur of self-entitlement you play golf and tweet a polluted stream of omnipo...

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He'll Make America Great Again

Don't give that man your tears today
Though it's dark now you'll find a way
Now is the time to laugh, sing and create
Throw the bile back at his tangerine face
I call on the punks, the poets, the artists, the revolutionaries and the visionaries, don't let the spark be snuffed out in vain
Come together and show him how you'll make yourself great again 

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For Peace & For Pride

On two summer days
in 1945
were casualties of Hell itself embodied on Earth
the pride of a foreign power
raised cities to ashes
scorched shadows into the soil
for peace

Between October 1962
and November 1983
the World faced exinction
day to day
minute to minute
all for the sake of
the pride of two foreign powers 

On July 18th 2016
an unelected...

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The Gun - a response to events in the US


I wrote this piece after the events at Newtown and crazy reaction from those deluded enough to think that more guns equals safer country. They have 300 million guns and one of the highest murder rates in the world. As a poet, as an American who is also british, as a father, I wrote this response.




Where can I start, but the young ones, their hearts


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