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One and only Friend

You are the shadow to my light

With me your future will be bright 

I am the sun

You are the moon

You are the black 

I am the white


As long as I’m alive 

I will always be by your side

You're trying to be alone again


But I won’t let you face that pain again 


Trapped in all that darkness 

Now you’ve become heartless. 

Everyone else has come to hate y...

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passion and sadness

Chapter 10:Her

We used to be something like superheros

People looked up to us like angels in sky

We were loved and cheered until the point

The point that we forgot to love ourselves


We collapsed to the power of our own passion

Casually crumbled into nothingness

Our relationship was in emergency but no one came to the rescue

And when it all came down, we only have ourselves to blame



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passion and sadness

This Morning in Morgantown

Rails clack, & the Indiana RR blows
midnight, or after.
History blares brazenly in this town–
Sleepless, sweating, we toss
on a 2-inch foam mat atop
years of green plastic Walmart totes filled
with your broken dreams.

You light up again from your window perch.
Serpentine smoke permeates 3AM
(and me, a non-smoker).
Staring down at dusky Church Street.
Rather plain, the door to Village ...

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The Heart of a Tree

Eyes green, flecked with orange, reflect the cornfields we once walked. Hand in hand, on a September evening, we walked miles. We stopped beneath a lonely tree, the only witness of our forbidden kiss.

Her skin and hair, the forest’s fresh fragrance,
& the stateliness of the oak, her rustic beauty.
Her weather-lined face was beautiful beyond words.

She was every season: Autumn’s moon, Winte...

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passion and sadness


This yearning that escorts my soul,

is the overture where disembodied I loved you,

though my words may sound vulnerable...

there was no place to take shelter

since time crawled upon us


Absent, music floated through my window...

and silence stunned everything


In my pain, seeing you leave;

I don’t know how not forget,

I don’t know how to extinguish what I lived, ...

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passion and sadness

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