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A New World

Each person today should have freedom of speech,
Then universal justice could be easily reached.
So every person should be given a voice,
Then we shall find fairness with freedom of choice.

For this justice to prevail we must have the same rights.
With the world's meekest person still able to fight.
So if anyone's sick they should then be looked after.
If anyone's lonely they should be gi...

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Stuart VannerNew worldEqual rights


The robot generation
Digital nation
Good or bad?fine line between
Personal inability to I roll extreme
If its addictive and its fed to us then without choice were hooked
If we see it negatively then basically we're fucked
So we have to take the best of it
Absorb the good forget the rest of it
Seeking answers from some guru
He knows little more than you do
Am I saying hes a ...

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new worldrobotsmodern life

New ways

Effervescent days

Dissolved into space

Awaiting resolve

The old way erased

Hibernating humans

Watch nature

Run free

A reversal of roles

A new way to be

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new world


Every time I think I have become enlightened and can handle anything, a new challenge shows up to test me. Whether it's toxicity in my body, family illness or death, rejection of a lover, friend, stranger, job, point of view, whatever... ego is the first to show up on the scene, like a paramedic giving CPR to revive my pride. Pride dies, only to come back a little weaker next round, like a cat wit...

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