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Only now that its physical 

The wars become visible

Certified verified news 

Fighting for oil fighting for gold 

Nobody wins we all lose 


Controlled legal violence 

One minute silence 

Soldiers lost legs arms and lives 

Exception for fighting 

To young ones its frightening 

You wonder why they carry knives


Politicians sniff coke 

The systems a joke 

Corruption from leaders betrayal 

Sex offenders among us 

Growing like fungus 

Petty thieves take up space in our jails 

Oh misbehaved

Can they not be saved ?

Unloved kids Growing up to be thugs 

Community service

Retrain the carers 

Failed system and now they sell drugs


Contradiction sentenced by frauds 

We can cure all the dealers 

The rule breaking steelers 

But PAEDOPHILES can NOT be cured 


Spread the light 

Protect our children 

Eliminate the Nonces 

Childrenwar poetryfailure of authorityprotectnew world




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