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My first poetry book!

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My first poetry book has just been published and is available to purchase as an Ebook at the following link!:


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neda poem from our new book...

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Europa – in the dark valley
between the world wars

Out of the total darkness came a light brighter than infinite suns...
Poetry on women (and men) in conflict...

Nick armbrister


Andy N



You died in protest in Iran. Āghā-Soltān age 26. Your death caught on camera. In the wrong place at the wrong time. Sent around the world. Conde...

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andy nanti warnedanew booknick armbrister

poems from my new book...

Suicide Room

There's a room where people go to do something beautiful and special.

They go there to commit suicide.

I caught a glimpse of it in a vision after a vodka night when Emma had forsaken me.

The white wood walls are blood splattered.

Daylight comes thru gaps in a boarded up window by a corner.

A small curved potato peeler knife is what everyone uses.

Such a wicked an...

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new booknick armbristerwow tattoo my butt book

Coming soon

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Currently compling my second collection of poetry.

It will be available in paperback in the usual places but also as a free pdf file to download and read on your reader of choice


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poem out of my new book and link

http://www.lulu.com/shop/nick-armbrister/wow-tattoo-my-butt-more-mad-poems-and-verse-by-nick/ebook/product-21061749.html new ebook

Dandom Randomness....

What else will I see out of my story?....

I've seen a guy blown away.....

Where's my guinea pig?....

In the boarded up pub in the fog.....

Your film is so yesterday,....

full of sex and violence.....

One foot man...

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new booknick armbristervaried line poem

my new book is out here

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this is the real world book version, ive done an ebook with different cover. if you buy this i can get more tattoos and beer lol.

if you want a copy of the ebook email me at nickspoetrybooks4@yahoo.co.uk and ill send it you. some of my ...

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