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bodies (pieces of meat)


my body

is seen as attractive but sometimes that is all guys see

they want to have sex and leave just because I have a decent body

they don’t care about who I am as a person or what I like to do or any of it

they are just nice to me to use me

and i fall for it

i fall for the fake charm. the elusiveness of being wanted pulls me in and then i face plant when i realize the...

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When the truth hurts


My heart hurts and rage runs through my veins and even though I don't know her I can still feel her pain.
This right here hurts and it's not because of her race. It's the fact it's another human being that because of crooked cops they have deformed another face.
Everyone has something say but in reality the real matters of this country they try to ignore.

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harsh realityheartlessLifepainracism; police brutality

Beauty and the Beast

Who is to determine ones beauty?

What is Beauty?

Beauty is simple,

Its the DNA used to create a life,

Sometimes beauty is ugly,

And sometimes it is pretty,

By this in no way do I compare to looks,

It's not the shape of your body,

It's not the shape of your nose,

It's not the shape of your smile,

It's not the shape of your eyes,

It's not the color of your hair,


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