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bodies (pieces of meat)


my body

is seen as attractive but sometimes that is all guys see

they want to have sex and leave just because I have a decent body

they don’t care about who I am as a person or what I like to do or any of it

they are just nice to me to use me

and i fall for it

i fall for the fake charm. the elusiveness of being wanted pulls me in and then i face plant when i realize the...

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Breed from capitalism
Keeping man trapped in a material prison
With people, friend or foe
We can never truly know
All The Secrets that they have hidden
So we bury our love in silicon and plastic
Stuck in a rut, don't know how to get past it
this leads to a disease of unspeakable nature
Stabbing friends in the back for a piece of that paper

Nobody cares about the children in...

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Let Me Out, Let Me In

We have trapped the world in windows,

Picture frames, mirrors vexed with vanity.


The wind blows slack.


Slates roll off rooves in protest.

Branches crack the panes,

Let me out, let me in.


The sun pierces film;

Shifts the night;

Joins forces with the plight

Of street lamps.


Bouncers rays the lasers from their shards,

Beat the rain like caged anima...

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